Yogi in training. Step one: Sow seeds

As the saying goes – If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got. So, it’s time to make different choices. It’s time to accept that I am the author of my story and I can turn the plot in any direction I want. According to my yogic guide, Deepak Chopra, what I need is a vision – a clear outcome. If I’m specific about my intentions, whatever I focus my attention on will expand in my life.
Deep meditative breath … … here it is. This is my intention:

To find happiness and fulfilment in my life and share that experience with others so that they can find happiness themselves.

It helps to be specific so this is how I’m crystallising that vision:

  • By exploring The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and bringing them into action each day.
  • By learning and regularly practicing meditation techniques, mantras, breathing exercises, and yoga poses at home and one-to-one with my teacher, Charlie.
  • By stepping out of limiting beliefs to access my own greatest potential.
  • By sharing my experiences in this blog.
  • By becoming a certified yoga teacher and taking my practice and understanding of yoga and conscious living to another level.
  • By one day becoming qualified to take yoga classes throughout the world.

It seems I’ve arrived in the field of possibilities and some seeds have been sown.