JUST BEGIN: Your Year to be Yogi.

2018 is Your Year to Be Yogi

Let’s get something ‘yoga-plank’ straight. You can be a super-flexy hippy if that’s your thing but if it’s not, hear me out when I say being a yogi ain’t that. Forget that. New thinking required here. If you’re with me, it will change everything. You with me?

Happy days. So, if that’s not who you have to be to be yogi. What is?

Ok…here it comes. Being yogi is being YOU. I know (eyes wide). Yep, that’s it.

Oh, so, so simple – right? Well, let’s hold the horses here. I’m saying not. And you know why? Because most of us don’t frickin know who the hell we are…am I right? We got lost in all the crap, everything that we thought we should be. Mired by all the expectations, trappings, conforming and conspiring that comes with this thing we call OUR life.

Don’t judge 😉

I wear a wry smile when people say they’re no good at yoga (and I’ve even started to accept that maybe they are right). Don’t judge me – of course we CAN all be good at yoga. But consider this. How many of us are actually showing up as our TRUE selves on a daily basis? How many of us are knocking our full potential out of the proverbial park? Who can say they are totally aligned with their naturalness, wholeness and divine bloomin’ awesomeness?

It’s time to ask how connected are you to every aspect of who you are? Your body, your mind and soul. Tune into some of this stuff and you got to be inspired by the frickin’ creation that is YOU and what you are capable of.

I’ve said this before. Yoga means union. So being a yogi (to me) is about reaching into the truest, deepest most consciously aware version of you and showing up… as YOU (in your yoga pants if you so desire, (and ‘so what’ if not).

You are unique my beautiful friend, so you got to get your head around how to go about exploring the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled, authentic version of you – and then just wait and see how life in all it’s fabulous miraculousness, will start to show up for you.

It’s not easy (old habits and behaviour patterns run so deep we don’t even know they exist). It takes practice…but it’s worth the pursuit. You have one life. If you’re not living it as you and for you, you really got to ask… (WTF).

Touch Your Toes

‘I’m not flexible enough’ is THE biggest objection I hear for starting a practice. Ok, I get that maybe it’s been a while since you touched your toes, but it’s not the body that’s the problem. It’s the mind. You can be, do and achieve more than your limiting beliefs will currently let you imagine.

So, let’s knock it off. And start to think again. Get out of your own way!

This year, I’m making it my mission to challenge minds, and expand the reach of this fantastic ancient practice called Yoga that we can all learn oh so much from.

This is my intention. I have no idea where it’s headed but today, this blog, is all about making that first step. I’m all in to begin. And, if you’re up for it, I’d love to take you with me.

Are you in? Are you ready to begin? Or do you just want to repeat the same year that you just  had? Or maybe the year before, or the year before that? I’m sorry, but can we please screw that?!

Join me, come with me and challenge your mind and body in 2018. Delve (if you dare) into your soul and ask some tough questions about who you are and what you want from life and how you can go about bringing the strength, flexibility and balance into your world that will make it all possible.

January 2018 is a great time to ask how important your health, happiness, inner integrity, resilience, sense of worth and strength is to you.

Is waking up feeling vital, alive and ready to take on a new day and live it to its fullest something you’ve abandoned as beyond you, too late for you, not you…

Let’s Begin

Do you want to find a sustainable way to live a life you absolutely love, for longer? Then let’s begin. Just please,  begin.

The 2018 Yoga Local programmes for Jan/Feb are up. Go check them out here. If you can’t make class, but are open to stay connected through Facebook or Instagram, check out @yogalocal and @yogalocaluk

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In the meantime if you feel resitence is starting to throw up excuses of why you can’t, won’t, aren’t ready to or shouldn’t make that first step to begin, I’ve got a great article that deals with that not so helpful nonsense. Check it out here.

More on overcoming hard choices…Don’t resist

Plus, if you’re from my running community and you’ve not yet discovered why yoga is especially a good idea for you, I got this blog that gives you seven big reasons why. Enjoy it here.

That’s all for this week. Please talk to me. Leave a comment below. I’m here for you…really, really, don’t be shy. Excited to see what 2018 brings for you and me.

Be Yogi, Be You.


Josie XX