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Take Action With Kriya Yoga

It’s the start of a new month, therefore the start of a new theme for the classes at Yoga Local! 

Watch the podcast below and continue reading to find out all about the new theme.

This month it’s all about taking action and creating the momentum we need to move us forward in life, taking us closer to the end goal of Yoga – Samadhi.

Samadhi is this state we are aiming for in Yoga which is completely effortless.

Samadhi allows us to hold ourselves in the highest state of our being so we are unaffected by the compaining lower mind and the obstacles of the world.

So how are we doing that this month? Through the Yoga of action… Kriya Yoga.

Each week we will be working closer and closer towards a Kriya Yoga practice.  And the last week of September will culminate with the complete practice.

kriya yoga

What is Kriya Yoga?

It is known as the ‘Yoga of Action’ as it accelerates the journey towards Samadhi when practiced frequently.  It creates massive momentum that quickly disciplines us mentally and physically to reach those higher mental states.

Patanjali highlights this practice in the Yoga Sutras as a combination of purification, self-study and devotional practice. 

These three techniques allow us to detach from the lower mind and obstacles holding us back, which makes connecting to our SELF much more attainable. 

And through that connection, we can reach Samadhi. 

How will we be incorporating Kriya Yoga?

Josie explains this well in the podcast below so have a watch or listen to see what she has to say about this!

In essence, we will be breaking down the 3 techniques for Kriya Yoga in separate classes. Giving you the opportunity to really understand the teachings. 

After that, we will teach you a complete Kriya Yoga practice.

Here’s how we will break it down:

  • Week 1 – the purification technique will be achieved through Tapas. We will provoke the body and mind to move away from the lower mind and form discipline.
  • Week 2 – the self-study technique will be incoporated through a Swadhyaya practice. Using practice to look deeper into who we are and understand our tendencies.
  • Week 3 – the devotional practice aspect of Kriya Yoga is brought in through Ishvara Pranidhana. A devotional Yoga practice to connect us to the all-knowing.
  • Week 4 – here we do a complete Kriya Yoga practice, combining all aspects of the practices we do in the weeks leading to this.
Check out the podcast below to hear more about our theme and have Josie explain the importance of practicing intentionally and using the traditional teachings.
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