If you haven’t already noticed, a balanced daily yoga practice is one way to get your glow on – improved circulation, more efficient transfer of body wastes, increased muscle tone, better breathing – check, check, check, check! You are lit up from the inside out!

Add meditation and you are on your way to experience ageless vitality and health. Now that’s truly beautiful right?

But that’s not the whole story to inner wellbeing. There’s more. Hear me out.

You know I’m super passionate about yoga and meditation but my personal ‘why’ is because they provided a system to get well after a pretty long period of not feeling well…. at all! And, more importantly, to stay that way – as much as possible.

These tools, which come under the umbrella of an ancient system of healing called Ayurveda, helped me figure out how I was navigating my way through life and gave me space to take a long compassionate look at choices…

(A) I had already made

(B) I was currently choosing

(C) I could be choosing but wasn’t.

I became more aware of how all that adds up over time, moment by moment into what my experience of life was, is like now and how my body looked and felt as a result.

It sucks to admit it (especially if you are not happy with yourself in some way) but you are the consequences of all the choices you have made in your life! Truth.

But before that takes you down … here’s the aha.


The aha of knowing that you could be choosing better and therefore feeling better and living better. That you can also take responsibility for your choices and turn the ship around, in any moment.

So what’s that got to do with great skin and that much coveted yoga glow?


In Ayurveda skin is considered a manifestation of inner health. It is our LARGEST organ and what we apply on it is absorbed to a far greater extent that most of us realised.

Skincare is therefore a tool to balance your body and achieve healthy and beautiful skin.


I came across Tropic as a skincare brand about two years ago. I fell in love with the vision of its founder Susie Ma who has a passion for creating skincare recipes that feed the skin with nourishing and most importantly healthy, sustainably sourced, cruelty free, fresh natural ingredients.


The results of using these products is not just great youthful skin, it’s also possible to reduce your body’s toxic burden… in just days of use.

And that… is what I call a much better, healthier, happier choice… don’t you agree?

If you want a skin care regime that abolishes make up and dirt, balances your skin, and cares for your skin, this is it.


If you don’t believe me… take a look at the app Think Dirty which will show you just how FREE of nasties Tropic products are.




And remember, if you’re lashing any product on your skin without being conscious of the ingredients in them, you are potentially burdening your body with toxicity with every application.


As you can see, Tropic, is working hard to provide a skincare solution that is uncompromising on health… which is why I was happy to become an ambassador for the brand and have items on display in the studio for you to take home and try.

And in September we are going one better than that… and inviting you to take part in our Skincare Discovery Workshophere at the Yoga Local at Nene Court, Wellingborough.


Come and join myself and Tropic expert Sam Cunningham and learn how to upgrade your skin care regime with a complete daily Tropic diet that uses 100% naturally derived ingredients.


Here’s what your Skincare Discovery session includes:

A complete Skincare Discovery Kit worth the £28 ticket price on its own and includes:

  • Smoothing Cleanser
  • Vitamin Toner,
  • Skin Feast
  • Rain Forest Serum
  • Bamboo Cloth



  • A pamper session with expert tuition on how to use the products every day for maximum benefits. (Bring your own bowl and a towel).
  • Access to expert knowledge of individual Tropic products, the ingredients and their effects.
  • Personal skin care advice and a take home Tropic product prescription.
  • Meditation and relaxation session.
  • After Class Tea, Coffee and Refreshments.


We have just 7 places available in the studio so please book now to both avoid disappointment and so that we can order your personal Skincare Discovery Kit in time for the event.


*Which reminds me of another fab fact about Tropic. You won’t find these products sitting on shelves in the supermarkets or shops because they are made FRESH in the UK and don’t have all the garbage that other products need to maintain a longer shelf life.


Anyway… a reminder of that date and time.

Sunday September 20 18:30 to 20:00.

Price £28

Only 7 Spaces so book now to avoid disappointment.


Join us for practice at Yoga Local. Make a date with yourself using this timetable…