Meaningful Transformation Through Yoga

Find Meaningful Transformation with Traditional Yoga 

It’s no wonder we’re losing trust in authority. People today create blatantly wrong content solely with the purpose of getting people to engage with it. Influencers are at it, politicians are at it. And yes, it’s in the Yoga world too. Apparently, it’s called engagement farming. Really, it’s a free for all out there. 

It’s also no wonder this is where we’re at. Disappointingly, it’s the way the system is wired and it’s the way we’re rewarded by it. Posting good, solid informative content gets us nowhere near as much attention as the made-up, fluffy, or down-right toxic stuff. 

This is not just social media by the way – all media is at it. Whatever gets our eyeballs, whatever gets us talking – Goat Yoga anyone? 

Watch any morning TV magazine show and tell me that’s not true. Same goes for the tabloids. If they’re not getting you agitated, stressed and gossiping they’re not doing their job.

We find our own freedom!

This is something I saw coming. I exited newspaper journalism more than 20 years ago when the internet was an infant – and of course I was too! Ha ha.  But seriously, even in my green early years, something didn’t feel right about what we’ll do for an eyeball– and turns out we were just getting started. 

We could just blame the system, shrug our shoulders and feel powerless over it but there is another way. We have power, we have choices. 

As one of my meditation teachers, David Jii tells it – someone may push your buttons – but you put the buttons there to get pushed. In other words, you don’t have to give this situation power over you. 

Remove the buttons, take a breath, don’t engage and let’s go do some due diligence on where we can put our trust. In our Self! 

It fires me up to help others find a path that will wake them up to their own power over any circumstances. However phoney and fake it feels life can get out-there, to know they can come back to the truth of who they are (in here, soul level) and make choices that are less triggered and reactive by all that external noise and nonsense! 

Yogis call that FREEDOM. 

The Pitfalls of Modern Yoga Culture 

Now Goat Yoga won’t get you there – just saying. And neither will a lot of what’s currently being served up by the Yoga industry and the teachers it trains, whose interest is all about eyeballs and your backsides on mats – and not so much meaningful practice. 

Bringing true meaning to practice, let me just emphasise, is the only way to give it longevity and success. Please let’s not waste our time. Let’s start to trust in a traditional path, and that will bring transformation through yoga. 

Ask yourself if you’ve been fooled into believing that reaching higher states of awareness – Samadhi – is ‘too hard’. That you can’t get there. That asana (posture) is Yoga – you’re doing it. You’re good to go! It’s not. 

You see Yoga in the traditional sense is a flawless science – which means if you follow the science, it has predictable results. 

The only reason a yoga class won’t fulfil on its promise of waking you up is because in some cases, people don’t practice or teach in a way that’s aligned to its original blueprint and with meaning. 

Meaningful Transformation Through Yoga

Having fumbled my way back to a traditional lineage-led path myself, I feel able to say that not all yoga trainings are the same quality or have the same depth (regardless of who certified it). Any major organisation with commercial goals has other bigger interests than your ‘awakening’ – and therefore the teachers they sign off are wildly different in what they can offer. 

It’s a lot to digest, I get it. But please think about it. This is why what we see in classes everywhere are gimmicks and trends that get your attention (and make money) over true traditional practices which require discipline, consistency, and true meaning. 

Once you’ve thought about it, ok, go ahead and do your thing, everyone has a choice. But if you know anything about yoga you will get that actions have consequences. 

Make Meaningful Choices

The invitation from me is to be more discerning about what you actually want to practice and teach and what you are actually choosing. 

The consequences of following the fads and chasing the eyeballs is that we as a species of this planet will continue to circle down into more anxiety and depression instead of spiralling upwards as nature means us to. 

And consider if you are teaching this stuff without meaning and the shakti of tradition behind you – you are no doubt becoming part of the problem and not the solution. 

So, with as much voice as little old me has, I invite you to consider if you are ready to revere the past, honour tradition and use it to help us all create a better future for ourselves and each other. 

Rediscovering the Power of Transformation Through Yoga 

Are you ready to learn how to practice in the way Yoga was meant to be taught. To master your mind and develop a deeper relationship to the energy that sustains us and all of life (Prana). 

The Tantric Yogis say we are only as good as the amount of prana we have access to. Prana is power. 

It’s with that power we learn to master our Self, our life and be a force for good in the world. 

The traditional method is systematic. It starts with asana (posture), then breath. And continues into the more advanced practice of mudra and kriya, moving into mantra and sound. 

What you need to be looking for is a complete practice with the goal of igniting the radiant power of Soul no less. A level of meaning that is just not being offered in many so-called Yoga classes today. 

Find meaning in your practice – or what are you doing it for? 

Take your time with this if you need to. It took me a while to get to this place for sure. The noise and misinformation out there in the Yoga world is a minefield and I have already personally had to tread carefully to get this far. 

But that doesn’t have to be your path. 

At our studio, we uphold the sanctity of tradition. We understand that yoga is not just about contorting the body into intricate poses or breaking a sweat on the mat. It is a holistic practice—a journey of self-discovery, energy management, and soulful connection. 

Are you ready to put aside what you thought you knew about yoga and dive deeper into its true meaning? To find transformation through yoga?

Put some trust in the timeless wisdom of traditional yoga. It’s time to reclaim your energy, reclaim your vitality, and reclaim your life. 

Ways the power of traditional yoga can change your life 

Imagine waking up each day feeling vibrant, alive, and connected to the flow of life itself. Imagine feeling a sense of purpose and meaning coursing through your veins with every breath you take. That’s the power of traditional yoga. 

When you unlock the secrets of prana and energy currents, you tap into a wellspring of vitality that goes beyond physical fitness. You become more resilient to stress, more focused in your mind, and more aligned with your true purpose. Your relationships deepen, your creativity soars, and your zest for life is reignited. 

But it doesn’t stop there. As you cultivate this deep sense of vitality within yourself, you become a beacon of light for those around you. Your energy ripples out into the world, touching the lives of everyone you meet. You become a source of inspiration, a catalyst for positive change, and a living embodiment of the transformative power of traditional yoga. 

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation? Are you ready to reclaim your energy, reclaim your vitality, and reclaim your life? 

We’re just a message away. 

Thanks for listening!