Is your mind-set getting in the way of having what you want?

5 yogi-inspired ways to build mind muscle and fulfil your dreams.

Do you ever fall short of your goals? How often have you thrown in the towel and declared; ‘now’s not the right time’, I can’t do it?’ Does it cross your mind that in some areas of your life, success might not even be possible for you – EVER.

Ok yogi’s-in-training, we got some strength work to do – for your mind.

Here’s why. When people accomplish great things it’s not always about ability, resource, intelligence or talent.

It can also be down to how much they inspire themselves, respond with positive thoughts and make creative choices in the moment.

Check out four things successful, knocking it out the park, crushing it dream-catchers are doing in their world, and what might be going on in yours.

Let’s get straight to it.


What they do: Play the long game. They are great at looking beyond any short-term concerns that threaten to thwart their longer-term or higher goals.

What you do: Give up when your goals don’t fit in with your immediate pleasures, social gatherings, friendships.


What they do: Withstand challenges to persevere towards their goals.

What you do: Think failure at anything is confirmation it’s not for you and you can’t do it.


What they do: Work hard and are prepared to work outside their comfort zone when there is more opportunity to learn and grow.

What you do: Stay at one level. Avoid challenge, refuse to do things differently or up your game.


What they do: See setbacks as problems to be solved.

What you do:  See setbacks as complete roadblocks and reasons to feel humiliated, unworthy, not good enough.

So, there you have it my yogi friends. Getting what you want and being successful is a mind game. Is your mind-set holding you back?

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5 yogi-inspired ways to build the mind muscle you need to finally fulfil your dreams.


Here’s the thing. When we set out to achieve or learn new stuff, like hold a headstand, or run a 10k we can often stay focused on the what? What’s the information, content, the material, I need?

Or maybe we focus on the how. How do I learn to do this?  Self-study, in class, in a 1-1, group training?

Unfortunately, that’s not all there is too it. Something is missing.

Knowing the what and the how is simply not enough to get you where you want to be.

You also have to be in the right frame of mind. Why? Because, how you feel about anything has a huge impact in how creative you are and how inspired you are to keep moving forward

If you want to build tenacity, remain engaged over the long haul, and avoid being derailed you need to do one thing – be a stronger thinker.

Thinking in new ways and making choices that align with what you say you want, will provide you with the motivation and inspiration to want to do the work that will get you to where you want to go.

The good news is it is totally possible to start regulating yourself in ways that promote your health, life, fitness and wellbeing goals.

So here are five ways to be a stronger thinker inspired by two of my fave books by my spiritual teacher, Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.

Here goes:

Five steps to grow a success mind-set.

Get intentional. (Law of Intentions and Desires)

What are you feeding your mind? Do you tell yourself: ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I won’t ever be good at’, ‘I’m not good enough’?

When you plant those kinds of seeds, that’s what grows. Your abundant self never blossoms. Get intentional on changing the stories you tell yourself and start seeing yourself as the capable and confident person you know you can be.

Find Flexibility (Law of Detachment)

Be less rigid in the way you think, find flexibility in the way you move, show up, approach situations and challenges. Creative thinkers and winners don’t see problems, they see opportunities for evolving.

Be Purposeful (Law of Dharma/Purpose)

When you have a sense of purpose it makes you happy. You can make small steps towards your goal and increase your chances of success.

Get Still (Law of Least Effort)

Take time to reflect and bring awareness to what you are achieving so you don’t lose sight of your bigger goals. Get still, meditate, cultivate awareness in your yoga practice.

Fill Your Tank (Law of Giving and Receiving)

Nourish yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who support your goals, and actively create an environment where you can flourish. Your yoga class can be a great place to anchor into what it is you really want.


That’s all for this week folks.  Five steps to grow a success mind-set. Of course, just reading this stuff, doesn’t make it so. You got to go put in the work. I’m here to help. Please join me in my next

class or post a comment below.