The Hatha Yoga Progession Explained

The Traditional Hatha Yoga Progression
Did you know ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘Tha’ means Moon? And ‘Hatha’ is the striking of Sun and Moon to create Fire!

This is all symbolic of course… and is the reason why Hatha Yoga progresses from Moon, to Sun, and finishes at Fire.
This way of practicing will progress you towards…

  • Self discovery
  • Mental stability
  • Physical health
  • Breath control
  • Intentional living
  • Your best self!

Through authentic teaching of the Hatha Yoga Tradition, we guide you towards mastering Moon and Sun practice so you can eventually master the Fire!

This tradition sustainably guides you on a pathway to self excellence!
Starting with Moon practice, then Sun, and finally Fire. Each stage will deepen your understanding of Yoga and of yourself.

Start your journey at Moon, or begin with our Beginner’s Course. 
Read below for more details on each stage of the progression.


Stage 1 Hatha Yoga Classes.

Moon Is Code For Mind

‘A mind that isn’t tranquil is unfit for any journey’

This statement is why the traditional progression begins with Moon (tha) practice. 

We can’t begin to evolve and grow if our foundation is unstable.

Here we build both mental and physical resilience. Working with holding poses and controlling the breath to become stronger. 

Moon practice is the foundation of all Tantric Hatha Yoga that follows. Always take the Moon with you.

Pose Categories:
We use a variety of Forward Folds and Twists, combined with deepening our exhales, to challenge our strength and build a solid foundation

These Classes Will:

  • build physical strength
  • shape a healthy breath
  • reduce stress/anxiety
  • reduce a busy mind
  • challenge your resilience
  • build a calm mindset
  • introduce you to Hatha Yoga
  • improve overall health
  • increase your discipline
  • set you up for a brilliant journey through the Moon, Sun, Fire progression


Stage 2 Hatha Yoga Classes.

Anchor The Moon To Rise The Sun

After establishing a strong Moon practice, we can move into the Sun (ha).

Now that we are more stable, we can bring in more energy! These classes are more dynamic and focus on building our energy. 

With the foundation built in Moon practice, we can build our energy without becoming overstimulated.

This leads to a practice that picks us up, instead of depleting us.

A steady and calm mind (developed in Moon) is an absolute necessity on the Solar path.  

Pose Categories:

We use a combination of Backbends and Laterals supported by deeper inhales, to build our energy!

These Classes Will: 

  • increase your movement
  • build your energy
  • form deeper connection
  • improve breath capacity
  • build heart health
  • increase back strength
  • deepen your knowledge
  • guide you through a flow
  • build your awareness
  • sensitise you to energy
  • guide you towards the next stage of the Hatha Yoga journey


Stage 3 Hatha Yoga Classes.

Hatha Is The Striking Of Sun & Moon Into Fire

Now we have mastered the Moon (tha) and Sun (ha), we can combine both in a Fire (hatha) yoga practice!

Fire practice is the 3rd and final stage of the progression. 

After building your Moon and Sun practices, you will have all the tools needed to begin practicing at this level.

Here we combine everything we know and introduce some more complex teachings that will challenge us on another level.

Allowing us to realise our true potential and access our power!

Fire practice is more physical, but the true emphasis is on cultivating internal heat, directing awareness and energy into the spine and unlocking our innate ability to thrive.

Pose Categories:

We use Forward Folds, Twists, Laterals and Backbends to access both Sun and Moon techniques! We also build on this introducing Extensions and Laterals, supporting poses with both the inhale and the exhale.

These Classes Will:

  • create inner balance
  • challenge your mind
  • build heat in the navel
  • unlock your power
  • introduce new concepts
  • build connection to mind
  • deepen your meditation
  • combine all pose categories
  • build control of awareness
  • show you your potential
  • guide you to the final stage of Hatha Yoga where you will be deeply connected to body, mind and soul.



Each week we have a 30min workshop dedicated to a certain teaching or technique. 

Anything from Meditation, to Breath, to Posture can be covered.

These are not part of the Moon, Sun, Fire progression, but give the opportunity to deepen areas of your practice that will be present in the traditional progression.

These classes are perfect for anyone wanting deeper teachings on specific techniques.


These classes are also not included in the traditional progression, however are still important to your practice.

Here you will access classes focused on rest, relaxation and restoring harmony.

Great for a beginner who needs help releasing tension, and also for a regular practitioner who is in need of some TLC.

Drop one of these classes into your routine to ensure you always remain balanced and rested.


Also not included in the Moon, Sun, Fire progression, these classes are aimed at anyone needing to improve their fitness for a better Yoga practice.

Some of us need, or want, some extra focus on building strength and improving our posture work.

This class is perfect for a beginner who wants extra focus on pose alignment, or a regular practitioner who wants to build their strength in poses.

Membership Packs


10 Class Pack: £87
5 Class Pack: £48


Yoga Classes: £14
Workshop Classes: £7.50


£66/month for 12 months
£75/month rolling contract