Transform Your Life with Yoga: My Story of Letting Go and Moving Forward

My Story | When Everything Falls Apart – Do Yoga

Have you ever found yourself in a life situation that on some level you knew was taking you down, but you stayed in it.

I have.🙈

Was it because I was nuts? (I might be a little goofy, but no).

  • I had responsibilities.
  • There were people who relied on me.
  • It was down to me to hold it together.
  • What I needed didn’t matter (at the time)

And to be clear. In my head, this was my rodeo! This was the life that I had planned oh so meticulously since… errr??? Forever.

(So, crack on Josie!)

As a force of nature that I know I now am, that’s of course EXACTLY what I did.

 I doubled down.

I worked even harder, played harder, took more on telling myself at some point my hard work, time spent, dedication, loyalty, self-investment had to pay off and one day I would not be in a position where I would just ‘hate every moment’.

Halleluiah, that day has come!

But let me underline the point, that was NOT because I stayed where I was.

It was because I Iet go and moved into what was possible.

Life often calls us to take a break from what we know.  Whether we like it or not, whether we choose it or not. 

  • It could be a call to just make life simpler, to have more freedom.
  • It could be a call to address a relationship or friendship that’s had its day.
  • It could be a call to stop punishing yourself with a depleting physical workout you hate.
  • It could be a call to remove Just EAT from your mobile and take control of your diet.

For me the call was to quit a 25+ year career in journalism and get my life and health back on track.

10 years on I’m a certified Yoga teacher and studio owner running my own business and no I’m not hating every moment of my life anymore. (Maybe a few – I’m human).

And please know that I was initially afraid of Yoga because I thought it was for a ‘different type of person’. I thought it ‘wasn’t for me’. Later it became ‘ok if no one really knew I was practicing’… or was looking at me.

But for a long-time I was scared to make a fool of myself, or not being able to ‘do it’.

It’s hard not knowing what to ask, not wanting to feel ‘stupid’.

Yoga as it turns out, is not for the weak-willed, too frightened to try, to look, to change, but it is for the curious adventurers (like me as it turns out) who on some level sense there’s more to life.

And if you want to practice with me, you better buckle up for conversations about consciousness, choice, freedom, the power of intention, how to heal, set boundaries, manage stress, and overwhelm, look after your Self and yes… how it all circles back to yoga and the practices of yoga as they were meant to be taught.

(Did I mention I love big – bit it’s often the tough love kind?)

You see to practice Yoga skilfully, with method and strategy, is to transform.

Sustainably, over time, you get to move beyond your current limits so you become the resourceful and resilient being you are, so that you can go after your soul-driven dreams with all the full force of your TRUE nature.

To not practice is to stay the same at best, or worse get taken down by life because out of love for you it needs you to learn a lesson you aren’t learning!

Karma is ‘as they say’, a b**ch.

Let’s learn our lessons. Ready to practice?


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