Navigating Doubt, Embodying Confidence, and Mastering the Art of Giving and Receiving 

Do you ever feel uncertain about what you have to offer and where you fit in the grand scheme of things. 🤔

Despite running a yoga studio for a few years now (four to be exact), the responsibilities of being a business owner sometimes make me feel like I’m falling short. It’s challenging to act like you have it all together when it feels like there’s always more to do.

This week I stumbled upon a social post that said something like ‘act like you are that, before you ever feel it’s a reality’.

Thankfully it wasn’t a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ call to action. That tends to wind me up.

What it was saying, at least to me, was create the routines, the disciplines, the structure, the consistency that ‘being that thing’ requires and have faith it what you are doing to keep driving forward.

Now that is something that speaks to me.🧡 I can work with that. And I thought maybe you might need to hear it too?

Embracing uncertainty, finding purpose, and cultivating self-worth on your unique path

It’s okay to feel uncertain at times, to question our worth and wonder what unique contributions we bring to the world. We all experience moments of self-doubt. But even in these moments, we have the power to give and receive in ways that transcend those doubts. 💪

And it’s not about pretending, reciting endless affirmations that make you feel like you’re lying to yourself, or acting out of integrity and authenticity. It’s about embodying.

What are we embodying? Confidence and staying power to do what needs to be done to ‘become’ – even on the days when doubts loom large. To do something today that moves us forward to who we want to be.

It reminded me to acknowledge and share that what we all offer is valuable, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s fully realised its impact yet.

It also made me reflect on the discipline required to maintain a consistent spiritual practice – that connects us to the core of who we are every day and the endless value of that.

 If you’re on that path I acknowledge your inner warrior 🔥 – because it takes a soul that’s ready for anything. Someone who is armed (and possibly dangerous) for both the highs and the lows.

The laws of giving and receiving as a guiding light

In the same way, building a business demands a similar commitment and steadfast dedication. It also requires us to ‘tool up’ for the job.

Yes, it’s easy to lose sight of the progress we’ve made towards our goals. To hit a wall and even contemplate giving up.

But in those moments, I’ve realised the importance of giving to myself, of acknowledging the progress made and the journey taken. The laws of giving and receiving become a guiding light.

Instead of hitting that wall 🧱, we learn (relearn, and relearn again if necessary) to look at what we need to give ourselves—support, encouragement, and acknowledgment.

I share this stuff because I’m pretty sure it’s not particular to me, it’s a common struggle for all business owners (and spiritual practitioners).

Return to your soul driven dreams

We all face moments of doubt, of feeling undeserving. But how can we, like in the practice of yoga, work with the laws of giving and receiving to give ourselves what we need, and return to our dreams, goals, soul desires, and purpose?

I invite you to reflect 🪞on your own journey. When have you faced moments of doubt or felt undeserving? How can the principles of generosity help you navigate those times, to give to yourself and receive the strength to keep moving forward?”

Remember, like the ebb and flow of breath in yoga, the journey of giving and receiving is a continual cycle. Embrace the discipline of consistency, act with faith, and allow yourself to receive the support you deserve. Thank you for letting me share a piece of my journey with you, and may our collective exploration inspire us to keep returning to our dreams and purpose.”

Now for some practical stuff.

Here are some top tips to help you remember your innate good stuff, your intrinsic qualities. To help you monitor your progress and navigate the cycles of success and failure with a sense of wholeness and abundance.

By incorporating these practical tips into your daily life, you can create a resilient mindset, foster self-love, and diminish feelings of inadequacy and scarcity.

  1. Yoga Nidra for Self-Discovery:

Tip: Incorporate Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) into your routine. This guided meditation helps you explore your inner landscape and reconnect with your innate qualities.

Why: Yoga Nidra provides a space for self-inquiry, allowing you to tap into your inner strength and wisdom. Check out our Restore classes if you like the sound of this one!

  1. Breath Awareness in Challenging Moments:

Tip: Develop a conscious breath awareness practice, especially in moments of challenge or self-doubt. Take slow, deep breaths to centre yourself.

Why: Conscious breathing connects you to the present, calming the mind and allowing you to respond with clarity rather than reacting from a place of inadequacy. Have you tried our half hour breath workshops? They are a great place to start.

  1. Mantra Meditation for Positive Affirmation:

Tip: Choose a positive and empowered mantra that resonates with you. Repeat it during meditation or challenging moments to shift your mindset.

Why: Mantras have the power to redirect negative thought patterns, promoting self-empowerment and abundance. Did you know you get to work with Mantra in class and dive deeper in timetabled workshops!

  1. Satsang or Community Connection:

Tip: Engage in satsang, community gatherings focused on spiritual discussions. Share your experiences and learn from others.

Why: Connection with a supportive community reinforces that you are not alone in your journey, fostering a sense of abundance and shared growth.

Have you explored our complete membership which includes a FREE subscription to our online community app – worth £19,99 a month!

  1. Acceptance of Impermanence:

Tip: Embrace the yogic philosophy of impermanence. Understand that success and failure are transient, and each experience contributes to your evolution.

  • Why: Accepting the impermanence of situations reduces attachment to outcomes, lessening the impact of perceived inadequacy.

In other words shizzle happens – let it go, and keep going in the direction of your soul driven dreams.

Invitation to Reflect:  What moments of giving and receiving have left a lasting impact on you? How can you embrace both roles with an open heart, knowing that you have much to offer and much to gain?”

Remember, generosity is a journey, and we are all on it together. Embrace the beauty of giving, celebrate the joy of receiving, and recognise the incredible worth that resides within you and everyone around you.

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