Need a refresher on taking a LIVE online class?

Need a refresher on taking a LIVE online class?

All you need is the member app, a device to access your zoom link and yourself!

Here’s a quick how-to guide to signing up and attending so you never ever have to miss a class, even when you can’t make it into (or are not allowed) in the studio.

Tools and software

While our ‘In Studio’ classes only require you to book online and show up to class, there are a few simple things we recommend you have in order to participate in your ‘LIVE online’ class.
The most important piece of equipment you need in order to take your online classes is a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Either through an internet browser or through the Zoom application, you will be able to click the link sent directly to your inbox or member app and join the Zoom meeting without even needing to create a Zoom account.

The member app

You can sign up for classes online through your dashboard, but the member app makes it even quicker to sign up and register. When using the member app you can even open the Zoom meeting link for class right from the app without having to open it via an internet browser or new window on a laptop.

Steps to signing up for and attending online classes

Both your ‘in-studio’ and ‘LIVE online’ classes will appear in the same calendar where you can sign up and book. Live online classes are available and located in your calendar so that they can even book in advance. To avoid confusion, our LIVE online classes are labelled with “LIVE Online” so that you know to book those specific classes when online and in-studio session are running at the same time (when allowed).
Here’s an example of a class schedule as it appears in an internet browser from any device.

In the member app, your online classes will also appear with the rest of your class offerings as so and can be easily identified as the classes with a Zoom icon next to the class name.

Once your decide which class you would like to register for you can select the class and click “Book Now” or “Registration Options” if you are new and a membership purchase is required in order to take the class.

After booking the class, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the Zoom meeting room that can be accessed up to 15 minutes before class begins.

Your registration will also be added to your dashboard where you can also access the Zoom room.

You can also access the meeting room, as mentioned, directly through your member app by clicking on the class you have registered for.

When it is time for the class you will be able to click on the link and be directed to the Zoom meeting room. If you try to log on too early a notification will appear to remind you of the time class starts and re-direct you to the link again.

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