Dive into Love with Yoga

Unlock Your Yoga Bliss: Dive Deep into Love and Cosmic Energy with Our Tradition-Rooted Strategies! 

What does the word love mean to you? Is it the butterflies-in-your-stomach romantic kind, the unconditional love for your fur baby, or maybe just the pure, unadulterated love for ice cream? Let’s dive into how we can explore love with yoga! 

But let’s dive into the Yoga world, where love takes on this crazy deep and expansive meaning.  

According to the Yoga gurus, love is like our inner GPS—it’s at the core of who we are. And us yogis? Well, our mission is to sift through all the mental clutter and energetic blockages, unveiling the true us underneath. It’s like unlocking the secret door to the ultimate bliss the ancient sages allude to. 

Now, forget about measuring your yoga prowess by how bendy you are. Instead, let’s ponder: how deep is your love? Not just a cue for a Bee Gees track (although, if you’re up for it, go ahead!), but a serious question on your sacred yoga journey.  


Nourish Your Yoga Journey with Love as Currency

Self-love, my friends, is the key to unlocking the door to freedom. Without it, those promises of joy, bliss, and higher awareness? Hmmm🤔? Locked away like a treasure chest with a missing key! 

And guess what, in Yoga Land, love is our currency! 🌈 Ever thought about how the word ‘currency’ is linked to ‘to run’ or ‘to flow,’ just like energy? Not a coincidence! Enter the heart chakra—the bridge between your basic energy centres and the VIP ones governing authenticity and pure consciousness. To break free from the clutches of the lower chakras (aka superficial city), we’ve got to find stability and embrace a truer expression of love. 


Directing Power: From Yoga Mat to Heart and Service 

Lucky for us, Yoga comes to the rescue! It’s got the teachings, the practices, and the whole shebang to remind us that love is our jam. By slowing down the mind, we get to witness our true nature and, from that sweet spot, open our hearts to claim our superpowers—aka higher awareness. 🚀 

But, here’s the deal—let’s get out of our own way, become a love conduit, and ditch any attachment to outcomes. Ever been head over heels in love, trusting the universe for a happy ending? That’s pretty much what yoga wants from us in practice. 

So, let’s surrender all those points of view, let the universal force of prana be our guide, and become forces of good in the world—a walking, talking source of love for everyone. Ready to get sifting? Let’s get loved up! 


How to live in Love: 

  1. Stay present. 

  1. Choose loving thoughts and seek out other perspectives on situations. 

  1. Let love be the compass for your choices—make decisions based on love. 


Oh, and for a sprinkle of consistency that brings transformation—practice, practice, practice! 

Living in love is like having a backstage pass to life. It lets you open up in situations that used to make you all squirmy. Choose love first, and you’ll have fewer regrets. Plus, when you surround yourself with things, projects, and people you sincerely love, you become a shining beacon of joy.  

Your vibe? Irresistible, my friend. You’re practically a love magnet, attracting even more good vibes, grace, and bliss into your world. 

Now, tell me, isn’t that just the best?! 💖✨ 


🌈 Ready to dive deeper into bringing these incredible teachings into your practice? Come join us in class (live or online) for some strategies deeply rooted in tradition that will accelerate your yoga journey: 


Cosmic Energy 101: Strategies to Deepen Your Yoga Practice 

  1. Overcome negativity and offer it to the heart for healing: Ever feel bogged down by negativity? We’ve got techniques to help you process and break down those experiences. It’s like turning lemons into lemonade but for your soul. 
  1. Clear the mind for pristine vibes: Let’s declutter that mind of yours! We’re talking strategies to make your mind not just clear but as pristine as a mountain lake. The clearer the mind, the more sensitive you become to energy. It’s like upgrading your mind’s WiFi! 
  1. Deepen your relationship to the energy world: Get ready to explore the energy realm like never before. We’ll guide you on how to deepen your connection, making you the superhero of your own energy saga. Think of it as a cosmic friendship bracelet tying you to the universe. 
  1. Direct power towards the heart, love, and service: Cultivating power in your practice? Awesome! Now let’s steer that power towards your heart, love, and a little sprinkle of devotion and service. Transform your practice into a love-fueled mission! 
  1. Activate your eye of higher wisdom: Ever wish you had superhero-level wisdom to deal with negativity without getting triggered? We’ve got your back. Activate your eye of higher wisdom and tackle negativity like a zen ninja. 
  1. Invoke and direct higher forces within: Ready to tap into some serious cosmic energy? We’ll show you how to invoke and, more importantly, direct those higher forces within you. Consider it your personal energy superhero squad. 
  1. Prepare for a personal quest for Self-knowledge: Let’s set the stage for your personal quest for Self-knowledge. We’ve got the secret sauce to prepare those energies that’ll propel you forward on your journey of self-discovery. 

So, what do you say? Ready to take your yoga practice to new cosmic heights? Join us for practice at Yoga Local and let’s sprinkle some yogic magic and love into your life! 🚀💫✨ 

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