Pamper and Yoga

Good Beyond Beauty

Who doesn’t want a good beauty brand that makes products that work whilst also being ethical? Here at Yoga Local we love our organic and natural products – from the coffee we brew to the essential oils we sell. One thing we believe to be very important is what you use on your skin! Tropic is a skincare brand that Josie has been working with for years now which she loves because of the meaning behind the brand as well as the wonders it works for your skin.

About Tropic

Tropic aim to be a force for good beyond beauty. They never test on animals making all of their products 100% cruelty free. They are also a certified Carbonneutral company meaning they don’t contribute to emmissions contributing to global warming. They also source all their ingredients sustainably, meaning they are protecting the environment and helping the world be a greener place!

They believe the tropical sunshine creates nutrient rich plants, so they source their ingredients from countries such as Brazil to give us the best products possible. They also help with conservation within these tropical areas and protect them from the destructive plantation of oil palm. What’s not to like?

While doing all of this they are still able to be an affordable brand, selling products that are natural, nutrient rich and environmentally friendly without the bank breaking prices!

The Workshop

Here in the studio we offer a skincare workshop to give you guys a taste of Tropic skincare using the Skin Discovery Kit. This includes a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and face cloth. Don’t worry if you don’t know what some of these are or how they are used, that’s what the workshop is for!

The skincare kit used involves a very hydrating set of products to lock in moisture, which is great if you tend to have dry skin! If you have a different skin concern, such as oily prone skin, go ahead and ask what products would be good for you. The workshop is here for you to discover how best to feed your skin.

The session includes Yoga Nidra which is a deep form of meditation, creating a wonderfully relaxing pamper experience. Go ahead and treat yourself! You may discover Tropic products are perfect for you.

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