Podcast #1 Yogis In Business. Yogi Your SELF to success

Featuring Heidi Benham of Yoga and Fitness Brand, The Form.


TRUTH. Looking after your SELF is just as important as taking care of business.

Do you though? I’m asking?  Are you taking care of you? Or are you on a highway to burnout, foot to the floor, driving as fast and as hard as you can?

Err… (loving whisper in your noggin). This is not a long-term strategy. You can’t always be on at that sprint pace.  Me singing: “So, don’t be so hard on yourself, no”, (good advice there from Jess Glynne). 🙂 We can make sense of this. You self-made your business to work for you. You can move the pieces how-so-ever you choose. Take a break, breathe, and realign with your overall mission – which is to feel good! Is it not? This has got to be our primary aim.

Start now. Join me in convo with Heidi Benham, co-founder of The Form, a very cool yoga and fitness brand which is all about sustainability. And so is Heidi.

Check out the habits, practices and yogi-inspired disciplines that are fuelling Heidi’s soul-driven life…and success.

Tune in… (grab a coffee, go for a walk, go out and do some errands). The beauty of a podcast is you can listen anytime, anywhere… so what are you waiting for?


  • [2:30] Heidi’s intention to create a revolution in the fitness industry.
  • [5:00] Perks of being an entrepreneur (especially on snowy days).
  • [6:15] How Heidi left her full-time job to take a risk on her business.
  • [7:30] Heidi’s daily routine.
  • [10:20] How meditation sets Heidi up for the day and what she uses to remind her to move.
  • [12:15] Heidi’s yoga practice.
  • [15:00] Why you need a good mental strategy in business.
  • [17:20] Why vision boards can be ‘creepy’.
  • [23:00] Emailing people back at 9pm at night – “don’t you find it weird?”.
  • [25:00] Applying sustainability to your Self as well as your business.
  • [31:45] What happens when you don’t go with your gut?
  • [33:10] The importance of resilience and how failure is a good thing in business.
  • [34:15] The curse of perfectionism. Don’t wait to put your stuff out there.
  • [35:40] Celebrating the wins… and the mistakes.
  • [36:10] Lightening round questions.



I hope you enjoyed this episode. For more on how the practice of yoga can help you live the life you love, whether that’s running a business, running a marathon, or evening running your home, hang out at my website www.yogalocal.co.uk or leave me your email to get news of upcoming blogs, articles and interviews straight to your inbox.

See you next time.

Josie XX