Speciality Classes For Pregnant Women

Come along if you:

  • Want a meaningful practice
  • Seek deeper connection
  • Are looking for techniques for managing pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
  • Need more stability and self-trust
  • Want to feel empowered in this next stage of your life
Deepen Your Connection

Our PREGNANCY YOGA classes will be the perfect way to connect to yourself and your baby during this time of transformation.

All classes will teach you to feel empowered as a Woman and a Mother. Guiding you through breath, posture, meditation and teachings that will help you in giving birth, in motherhood, and in all challenges that await.

Find confidence in the self, know how to manage your own imbalances, remain in control and calm through your pregnancy and beyond.

Friday’s between 17:15 and 18:15. Your first session is just £12, try it out and then grab a Pregnancy Yoga Pack.

Find Your Inner Power
These classes will be guiding you through the Chakra system. Connecting you to each energy source, accessing the qualities of each.

Learn about your inner power, and how each Chakra draws a different energetic quality. Understand which Chakras to connect to depending on what you need in that moment. 

Have a higher awareness of your imbalances, and know how to manage them through the right Chakras.



For your first class, you can purchase the Pregnancy Introductory Pass. This gives you one class for £12, to try our the class before committing to a pack. Only available to purchase on your first Pregnancy Yoga class.

After that you will need to purchase a Pregnancy Class Pack, this gives you 5 classes to use within a 7-week period. This way you can stay committed to a weekly practice whilst still having a 2-week grace period.  This pack is £60 for the 5 passes.


We are in the works of creating a Post Natal Yoga class for those of you who are towards the end of pregnancy/postpartum. 

These classes will be included in the same class pack as the Pregnancy Yoga Classes, therefore you will be able to continue using any left over classes after giving birth.

In the meantime, we are including our Restore classes in the pack as we don’t currently have Post Natal on the timetable. These are gentle classes that should be suitable to join after birth.