Rediscover Your Dreams With Yoga

Rediscover Your Dreams with Yoga: A Lifelong Tool for Transformation 

This is for anyone who is thinking of giving up on their dreams or perhaps finding it too bloomin’ busy to prioritise them. There could be a few unhelpful thoughts rattling around inside that untamed mind of yours. Recognise any of these? 

  • “Why didn’t I pursue my dreams when I had the chance?” 

  • “Is it too late to start now?” 

  • “My friends seem to have achieved so much more.” 

  • “Why am I stuck while others are thriving?” 

  • “What if I fail?” 

  • “What if I don’t have the energy or resources to start over?” 

  • “I’m too old to make a significant change.” 

  • “I don’t have the skills or knowledge to pursue my dreams now.” 

  • “I started, but it’s just not happening like I imagined.” 

  • “I’ve hit a wall and don’t know how to push through.” 

Having done a little dreaming of my own, specifically in the last five years, I can say it’s never too late to dust off those wild ideas you wish to see birthing their way into the world and start weaving them back into your life. And guess what? Yoga can be your secret sauce in this journey to rediscover your dreams.

Why Dreams Matter (Even When You’re Getting On a Bit) 

First things first, let’s talk about why your dreams are still important. Regardless if we’ve been around the block a few times, dreams give us direction, purpose, and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. They’re the fuel for our soul. 

When you ignore your dreams, it’s like living in black and white when you could be living in full HD technicolor. And I want you to feel the impact of that because sometimes we need the discomfort of a cattle rod-style shockwave to wake us up and get us back in the game. 

So it might be time to kindly acknowledge any deep-rooted feelings of regret and frustration this kind of thinking is causing you right now and understand that these emotions can lead to a cycle of negativity spilling into all aspects of life. That’s the exact opposite of what will turn this beautiful ship (that is you) around. You know that, right? 

Enter Yoga: Your Dream-Weaving Tool 

Now, you might be thinking, “How on earth is yoga going to help me with my dreams?” Stick with me here. Ever noticed how stress can give you a stiff neck or how excitement can make you feel lighter? That’s the mind-body connection at work. By practicing yoga in the complete traditional sense, you learn to listen to your body and understand what it’s telling you about your mental and emotional state. 

When you’re aware of this connection, you can start to change the narrative of the mind and tune into the part of you that is empowered and inspired (in spirit) at all times. Instead of letting negative thoughts and old stories control you, yoga helps you create space for new, positive thoughts and dreams. Ultimately helping you to rediscover your dreams.

Harness the Power of Your Imagination 

Like everything worth doing, there’s a process and method to get us closer to where we want to be. One of them is from the Tantric toolbox: cultivating the power of our imagination. In yoga, imagination isn’t just daydreaming – it’s a powerful tool for transformation. In class, you might hear me throwing a few of these Sanskrit words around that speak to this. Let’s break them down in plain English: 

  1. Vikalpa: These are those random, unhelpful thoughts that clutter your mind. Yoga helps you clear them out, so you have room for the good stuff. 
  2. Kalpana: This is your ability to imagine and aspire towards your goals. Think of it as your inner creative force. 
  3. Pratibha: This is your true creative imagination – those aha moments that come from deep within. 
  4. Bhavana: This is yogic contemplation and visioning. It’s about calling things into existence through focused thought and feeling. 

By using these imaginative powers, you can start to see and rediscover your dreams as real possibilities. 

Setting Intentions with Sankalpa 

Here’s another little piece of yogic magic for you – Sankalpa. It’s a Sanskrit word that means a vow or a firm resolve. In practical terms, it’s about getting crystal clear on what you want and committing to it. Think of it as setting your inner GPS to your dream destination. 

In your yoga practice, this might look like starting each session with an intention. Maybe it’s to feel more confident, to find clarity, or to take a small step towards a bigger goal. This intentionality seeps into your daily life, helping you stay focused and motivated. 

Now, would you be interested in spending a few hours working on what you want to bring your firm resolve to? Are you ready to dare to dream again? Are you ready to follow through on a soul-driven desire? How might that influence the rest of 2024, do you think? Keep listening as I have an offer just for you. 

The Ripple Effect: How Yoga Transforms Your Life 

But before we do, let’s talk about the real-life impact of integrating yoga and dream-weaving into your world. 

What can you expect to think, act, and feel because of embracing these teachings into practice: 

  • Thinking: From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief Yoga helps quiet the negative chatter in your mind. Those “I can’t” and “I’m too old” thoughts start to fade, replaced by a stronger, more positive inner voice. You begin to believe in your potential again, seeing age not as a limitation but as a source of wisdom and experience. 
  • ActingFrom Procrastination to Proactivity With a clearer mind and stronger resolve, you start taking action. Yoga teaches you discipline and perseverance. Whether it’s sticking to a new pose or following through on a personal goal, you learn to show up and do the work. This newfound proactivity spills over into other areas of your life – you start tackling those dreams head-on. 
  • Feeling: From Stuck to Empowered Yoga reconnects you with your body, your breath, and your true self. You feel more grounded and centred. This sense of empowerment helps you navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. You’re no longer stuck in a rut – you’re moving forward with confidence. 

Rediscover Your Dreams With Our Mini Retreat! 

Introducing the ‘Radically Reimagine Yourself | Mini Retreat‘ hosted at the Yoga Local Yurt on Saxby’s Cider Farm.

Location: The Yoga Local Yurt, Saxby’s Cider Farm, Farndish, Wellingborough. 

Date: Monday, 24 June, 11 AM to 3 PM. 

Investment: £69 (Includes a light lunch). 

What You Can Expect: 
  • A deep dive into the yoga creative process using it to open yourself to higher possibilities (aka your dreams!) 

  • Learn to use this divine gift of fantasy as a creative tool for transformation. 

  • Touch in on your individual expression of the power of infinite consciousness, the infinite mind that imagines worlds within itself and brings them into existence. 

  • Dissolve the stories you tell yourself, the mental fantasies, white noise, static, imaginings that show up at the wrong, unhelpful times. 

  • Learn to trust your innate goodness as you find ways to achieve your dreams and take risks. 

  • Use traditional practice to replace your ordinary self-imagining with the highest and most sublime one you can find. Begin to experience yourself as filled with divine qualities. 

  • Learn how visualisation is used to start opening your inner centres.  

  • Start consciously taking part in your dreams, start to make them active. Free yourself to open to higher realms. 

  • See, hear, and feel what it would be like to have more motivation, self-reliance, and potency. 


It’s Never Too Late To Dream

Start exploring your dreams again and you’ll begin to see it’s not too late to reimagine who you are and how you’re living your life.

Life is about transformation and constant evolution, that doesn’t stop at any age. So get out their and realise your dreams.

Warm wishes, 

Josie and the Yoga Local Team