Why Runners Do Yoga X 7


If you run, yoga’s a good idea because…

Ok, let’s start with this. The more you can take care of you the more you are able to continue to enjoy and love life. Agree?

Cool. So how does that relate to running? Keep going. Anyone who loves and LIVES to run will know how it feels to have to hang up their runners for any length of time. And I’m guessing their long-suffering significant others most definitely do. Yes? Can I hear nods? Seriously, but that’s life right? We all want to do what we want to do and we are seriously not happy when something, anything; ill health, fatigue, motivation, pain or even our own belief in our ability, stops us in our metaphorical tracks.

So my answer to the question above is simply this. It’s a good idea for runners to take up a yoga practice because the more runners bring yoga into their world, the more runners will continue to enjoy their love of running.

So, whatever you already might think a yoga practice is or does, I invite you to consider this. Yoga is a practice that helps us all continue to do what we LIVE and LOVE to do.

Revealing some whys?

Now I appreciate this is a somewhat short and simple answer. There’s loads more to say and I’ll be breaking it all down at the next Yoga for Runners/Athletes Series. If you’re interested in this five-week yoga course designed specifically for runners and athletic types, find out how and when to sign up here and at the end of this article. First here’s just some of the whys I’m always promising…

Why Runners Do Yoga X 7

  1. Increased breath awareness.

When you let the breath move you into the direction you need to go it prevents you from pushing beyond your boundaries and uh oh…. into injury. During yoga we explore breathing techniques that can relieve constriction, tension and bring ease into activity. You also learn breathing techniques that trigger your body’s natural relaxation and healing response.

  1. Increased body awareness.

As an athlete it can be hard to let go of a sense of competition, particularly with ourselves. What if you could do more to make your body your ally? Yoga helps you get good at listening to your body and getting even better at assessing and responding to what it’s telling you on and off the race track. Are you feeling great, or are you failing to recognise when you are actually in pain or fatigued? How do you respond?

  1. Increased present moment awareness.

When we take action from a conscious place, we stop simply reacting to life’s curve balls or challenges, and we start to make better choices for ourselves and others too. If our heads are stuck in the past or projecting into the future, we are less able to see the opportunities and choices we have in each moment. Yoga helps you get out of your own way, and become better at decision making.

  1. Increased rewards in posture, balance, speed and power.

Yoga will help you create the foundations and strength to be sure footed on the mat and off. You will work on increasing your agility and moving more gracefully. That translates to enjoying a more fluid stride and improved range of motion when you head out on the road.

  1. Correct imbalances.

When we use the same muscles repetitively we create imbalance in our body. Something gets weak as something else gets strong. When we repeat actions and thoughts repetitively and unconsciously it also creates imbalance. That shows up as stress, blocks our creativity and our ability to change things up. We get stuck. We become limited in our thinking about what we can and can’t do and what we will or won’t do to achieve the things we say we want. This includes making time for sleep, allowing yourself to rest and optimise your recovery. Yoga works to identify and correct those imbalances.

  1. Improved focus and intention setting<strong.

Embracing your inner yogi reminds you that to be a well-rounded athlete goes beyond physical accomplishment. You also need to pay attention to rest, nutrition, strength, flexibility, emotional and mental strength. Yoga will help you set clear intentions for your training goals and other life goals too, by making more conscious choices from a calm and present space. You learn to trust that the results will come – in good time.

  1. More success.

Do you know what holds you back from fulfilling your dreams, being successful – achieving your running goals? Yoga creates the space to connect with our deepest desires. Desires made consciously, without the prison of past conditioning (memory/conditioning/experience) are more likely to bring about what we really want and help us break out of limiting beliefs that influence what we can and can’t have or achieve.

As I hinted at earlier, there is the chance to discover and experience more  whys at the next Yoga for Runners/Athletes Series. Click here to find out when the next five-week course starts and to secure your place. Spaces are limited.

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