Sankalpa | Ultimate Will Power

Use Your Will Power To Make Things Happen!

Some people have the idea that ‘going with the flow’ is how to live your life along the right path and is the route to Dharma (soul aligned purpose). One stereotype of Yogis is that we all just wait for the universe to make things happen, floating through life trusting in our Karmic cycle. But really, will power and determination is what makes a true Yogi.

‘Going with the flow’ is not a worldview held by Yoga or the message brought to life in the Bhagavad Gita.

So, if you are ‘completely aligned’ with your Dharma, that is amazing, but that is a different story.  Essentially ‘going with the flow’ is unconsciously floating through life and expecting your dreams to manifest simply through desire. In reality, every goal and dream must be achived through discipline, direction and will power.

How we consciously move towards Dharma

Tantra asks us to get present, energised and clear on what we want. Then go for it! The Sanskrit name for this is SANKALPA and translates as ‘firm resolve’. Sankalpa is that will power that we put into everything we do to drive us closer to soul-aligned joy.

Sankalpa is considered an absolute necessity on the path of creating a conscious, extraordinary life. It doesn’t mean we have to know exactly what our ultimate destiny is. No one else can tell us that, but if we really listen, we get the answer. We hear the call, we hear our ‘song’. The point is, we must make a move one way or another. We must expand our horizons because in terms of perspective and opportunities, all that we are capable of seeing from our current vantage point is what is and always has been immediately around us.

What to learn more? Then check out the podcast below to learn about Sankalpa as a tool of intention, and how we can use our practice to drive ourselves consciously towards our goals.

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