Self Govern Week | What To Do

Heads Up!

The studio at Nene Court will be closed from Wednesday Aug 3 and reopens on Wednesday August 10 – it is (and we are), taking Savasana! So it is time to self govern.

But wait! Before you happily opt out of practice and hang up your yoga mat. Let’s pause and ask.

Does that serve me?

The answer is…errr NO! On some level – you know this of course!

And even though we’ve dubbed this as Self-Govern week, Ali and I wouldn’t want to leave you out on a limb. That’s not who we are or what YL as a business is about!

Power in the Pause

Yeah, of course we need our time out. A complete step away is scheduled into the fabric of our business twice a year (we do it again at Christmas). We need the power in that pause!

But both Ali and I know consistency and commitment is crucial to the level of result and progress or success we can all get to experience over a lifetime. We want the max for us, we want that for you! And we hope that’s what you want for you too!💪 

So, we might not be opening the studio for a week or responding to emails and DMs quite so much, but your Weekly Calendar is primed and scheduled to serve you as always in the YL APP – and so is its vibrant, brilliant community. Which is (or could be) you by the way!

However, and this is a biggie, so some presence please!

This week’s weekly calendar and content is being offered up as a chance to take responsibility for your Self and show up for your Self and each other (even when no one is watching). We’re cutting a few apron strings and like proud yogi parents, waiting for you to show us how you can spread your wings and fly solo – just for a while. This is the hallmark of a committed practicing Yogi. You are already that! We believe that even if you don’t… yet.

And just as good parents are always there with a safety net, so will we be.

For this week only we have lined up a series of On Demand classes in the YL APP that you all can plug into every day – across the 3 stages of Tantra Hatha Yoga – Anchor, Rise and Energise.

If you are new or not sure what to practice – 

  • Anchor is Stage 1
  • Rise is Stage 2
  • Energise is Stage 3


But do remember guys, the way a traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga practice is meant to be taught involves moving through it somewhat systematically and appropriately. The idea being a sustainable, efficient evolution into your full potential! So please don ‘t get all gung-ho on me while we’re away and fry your nervous system 🤯 or overwork yourself.

Your practice should make sense.

What we teach and the way we teach is scientific and time-tested – so honour the process. Having said that, don’t be shy to check out some areas of the Hatha Yoga map you are yet to explore. Be excited for the journey and check out ALL the classes if you want – even if that means just watching!

Some of you know, I had a back issue flare up and the past few weeks have been tough. For now, my practice is restorative – I am working in Stage 0 for a season. Some of my practice has involved simply imagining myself working through the postures and focusing on the subtle breath work. I’ve also done a lot of Nidra! My point is practice is whatever you need to move forward, and sometimes that means coming back a stage or 2 (or 0). Do what’s necessary, not what is fancy or feeds your ego.

And of course – our Complete and Premium members already have access-all-areas inside the APP, which as well as On Demand asana practices, also includes several stand-alone meditation and pranayama practices and much more!

If you want to sign up for Premium by the way it’s really a no brainer at just £10 a month, and you can sign up with this link right here!) If you value what we are doing, if you want to help us to grow (and if you can afford to) we could really do with your support . 

One more thing.

We’ve seen some amazing exchanges of support, chat, fun and wisdom in the YL App and we hope you are all starting to get how much more value this space has the more people show up and #MakeFriends.

So, let’s not keep all this goodness and potential to ourselves. If you have friends, colleagues, family who you think would benefit from being in our community and finding a path towards self-governance and true union (i.e., YOGA) – invite them using the link in your side menu bar where it says INVITE!

They too will then be able to take advantage of this week of FREE practices and get an introduction to what happens when you pull on your own big yoga pants, self-govern and do what needs to be done to honour the commitments you make to your Self in life.

It is our big mission for all of us to reclaim our maximum capacity for health, success, and freedom through the traditional practices of Yoga. Taking responsibility for yourself on this mission is a noble and awesome challenge! As is inviting others to do the same.

It’s so empowering to know in any moment, you’ve got this!

You’ve got this! We’ve all got this. Let’s do it.