Show your love for Yoga Local. Cast you vote now…

Errr…totally flabbergasted. Look what’s landed in my inbox. 🙌

I had no clue I’d been nominated and now I’m a Finalist in the Muddy Stilettos Awards 2019 (Northants) in the BEST YOGA/PILATES category.

You awesome guys know who you are that put me there and I’m beyond thankful. (If I wasn’t down with a second dose of gastric flu I’d do a happy dance… ahh what the hell..🤸‍♂️

If you’re a fan of what I’m doing with Yoga Local you can show your love by casting your vote.


Let’s see if we can take this all the way. Anything’s possible. Ohm Bhavam Namah 😉🙏

Want to know more about the awards?

Voting in the Finals starts at 9am WEDS 15 MAY and ends at 12pm on WEDS 22 MAY – so it’s short and sweet at 7 days long!

Thousands of Muddy readers will be busy making their choices BUT I can vote for myself and get all my customers, fans and friends to support me too. (That’s you by the way).

The more votes I get, the better my chance of winning as it’s a public vote. The business with the most votes in each category will be crowned Winner.

Voting starts from zero – nominations from the first round are not carried forward, as it is now a competition between me and 4 other Finalists in my category.

Thank you so much for your support…and sharing my yoga journey with me… it really means the world right now. I’m so excited to be opening my new studio at Nene Court in June and you’ll be hearing more about that (as soon as I can shake this awful bug…)

Love you guys!


Remember… voting starts 15 May 2019 and ends 22 May 2019 – cast yours here