Sound Healing Meditation

Vibration Stimulation!

by Alison Steedman

Have you experienced the Yoga Gong and Sound class yet? If you haven’t, give it a bash!

It’s clear that introducing a Gong to the studio allows for a brilliantly immersive yoga experience, but what are the actual benefits?

Mercury Gong

This sound healing practice has different effects depending on the type of gong used. Our studio gong is a Mercury Planetary gong and is said to create strong connective power. The vibrations promote knowledge, understanding and communication, delivering answers and solutions to us.

How would a Gong Bath benefit you?

Everyday stresses and anxieties get to everyone no matter how big or small and sound healing can be an effective way to combat them through tuning out any emotional disharmony. Vibrations created by a Gong can help create health throughout the body in many ways.

Entrainment is used to describe one of the effects a Gong has. It’s the synchronisation of your brainwaves with the Gong frequency which creates harmony within the body. Pretty cool, right!

The sound of a Gong also helps the brain reach deep relaxation by tapping into the brainwaves that encourage daydreaming and deep sleep, making it a funkier way of meditating!

Can you come to a Yoga Gong and Sound session?

Of course you can! It’s never too early to try a Gong bath and the yoga within the session is suitable for yogis of all levels.

All you’ll need for the best experience is warm clothes, pillows, a blanket and of course your yoga mat…