How to STOP to become Unstoppable.

A yoga inspired event for self-starters, entrepreneurs and business owners.


Once upon a time I hid behind my ‘too busy’ life to avoid doing things that:


  • needed my attention, but had ‘no time’ to stop and address
  • I didn’t want to do, even though deep down I knew they would make me happier, healthier and more successful in the long run.
  • took me out of my comfort zone (or simply scared me silly)


So, I just kept going, foot to the floor, head down, fingers in my ears, barely coming up for air. 😝 What happened? Crash, bang, wollop, oops, oh dear… life/work fell apart.  For a while.

But I got the lesson, and it’s one we can all learn (without the life falling apart bit as it’s really not recommended, or necessary 😜).

Since I’m now an entrepreneur in the yogi world I get that having a busy life goes with being a self-starter and business owner.

Finding balance when you work for yourself or run a business, isn’t easy. We have to make some hard choices on how we spend our time.

Need to stop?

But this yoga work I do has got me asking questions. What are we sacrificing to create a business we absolutely love? Do we need stop, take breaks and be more mindful of our daily choices?

Do we need to start making small, easy changes that will:

  • sustain our incredible creativity and drive
  • help us design a business that’s successful, serving others and fulfilling our dreams
  • support own health and the health of our business?


I think we do.


That’s why I’ve created a Yoga Local LIVE event. It’s called the Yogis in Business Work Shavanasa and it invites those of you who run your own show to make time to STOP, to become unstoppable.


On this business/life workshop you will…

  • Unplug, learn the importance of rest and how to build in breaks.
  • Reconnect with your ‘why?’ and find clarity and perspective.
  • Establish better work/life habits
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Practice, learn gentle yoga.
  • Learn some quick wins with superfoods and how to make ‘good to go’ smoothies.
  • Goal set for the health of you and your business.
  • Connect with other Yogi’s in Business and share strategies for self-care.
  • Get the chance to join an exclusive Yogis In Business Closed Facebook Community.


Don’t let your ‘too busy life’ get in the way of what you know needs taking care of – your health and the health of your business.

I know, and you know that as an entrepreneur those crazy goals you set yourself, you can move them! Isn’t that why you chose to be your own boss?

Don’t keep your goals for being healthy on your to do list, or some other time, someday list.

Let’s get it done, together, starting now – and, more importantly figure out how to make it all super sustainable and built to last.

I invite you to become the CEO of your health at the Yogis In Business Work Shavasana. 



10:00 Welcome/Breakfast Smoothie

10:20 to 11:30 Presentation Intro to Ayurveda/Yoga/Meditation

11:30 to 12:00 Clean Eating Food Demo

12:00 to 12:45 Gentle Yoga Class (Please come wearing loose clothing and bring a mat and blanket.)

12:45 to 13:45 Light Lunch. Prepared by clean eating expert Sheena Shah, supplier to The Daily Bread and Beckworth Emporium. (Wraps, Salads, Brownies, Herbal Teas and Water.)

13:45 to 14:15 Goal Setting. Interactive business workshop with Life Coach, Sheena Shah.

14:14 to 14:30 Final Relaxation

14:30 to 15:00 Questions/Tea/Business Card Swaps/Goodbyes.

*Timetable will generally run to this format but may be subject to change.


Great Houghton Village Hall, Leys Lane, Great Houghton. Set in the picturesque village of Great Houghton in the Northamptonshire countryside. Ample parking.


£75pp (includes your breakfast smoothie/healthy lunch/ herbal teas and all tuition and classes).


All workshop candidates will get the opportunity to join a closed Yogis in Business Facebook Group and get the support, guidance and accountability to sustain their wellness in business journey.


To get the most from the Yogis in Business Work Shavasana please bring the following items.

  • Notebook/Journal and Pen
  • Yoga/Gym Mat
  • Loose fitting clothes
  • Blanket
  • Business Cards


All the details can be found here and regular updates will be posted on the Yoga Local Facebook page.

Please go and check it out now and please share it with all your self-made, entrepreneurial, soul-driven friends.


Questions? Email me


More on this? Listen to the Yogis in Business Podcast Episode 5 with Life Coach and Clean Eating Expert, Sheena Shah.


Sheena will be sharing her wisdom at The Yogis In Business Work Shavasana on June 29 and shares some of her secrets on this podcast.



Josie XX