HIT play to hear me give a quick and excited run through our plans for June/July.

There’s so much going on I’m kind of nervous how long this post could get. (You know how I can over run…. so I’ll try and keep it sweet.)

It’s been amazing to bring in-person sessions back to the studio the last couple of weeks.
We’ve sold out three BEGIN courses as more of you look to yoga as a complete, scientifically-sound practice that promises to fuel your most purpose-fuelled life.

We have around 70 members cheering each other on, building community and sharing content in our new online (OFF SOCIAL) community – The Yoga Local Hug Club. Even if you are not a member with us yet, you can join us here with entry level access and enjoy a FREE online Yoga Basics BkPK.

Plus this month there’s a course to introduce you to the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, there’s a male only class to mark Men’s Health Week, we’ve got a Yoga and Gong session that will kick start our 2nd Birthday celebrations on June 19 and the Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day to play with!

Below are more details and quick links to get you started. (At the time of writing both the gong session and men’s yoga were fully booked in the studio – but you can still get your self on the waiting list if you want to be in with a shout and there’s a second Gong session now bookable in July – go see!.
If you are a complete member! Please ring off June 19 in your diary as there will be something special coming your way when you come to class, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out. I’d tell you more now… but for brevity, let’s just start with the heads up.


We honour the Hatha | Tantra Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga traditions here at our Nene Court based studio in Wellingborough.


Our 4-week BEGIN course is based on the HATHA tradition and has already sold out three times in May and June. So I’ve added another to the timetable starting on Saturday July 24. If you want to start, get in quick.

It’s a four-week progressive course and walks you through everything from alignment, awareness, posture, and breathing techniques to following cues and using props. It’s THE way to set yourself up for a regular home and studio practice and includes a 4 Class Video Series which means you can practice at home in between sessions. I’m so determined to get more people practicing I’m also offering free access to our online (off-social) community with all its library resources and additional support.

To get on that one jump on this link to book.



Our six-week Ashtanga Vinyasa Half-Primary Course is an introduction to the Ashtanga yoga tradition. It also includes handouts and video recordings of each session for further take-home practice. Plus you will get access to our private Ashtanga group where you can get further support and connection with our growing Ashtanga community.

Here’s the link to book now.

I know, it’s a lot. And there’s more on the timetable so use this link to the full timetable to get access go that.

And what ever you choose to take part in or practice here at YL I want you to remember our goals is unapologetically towards greatness so that we can all be of greater service to each other.
Isn’t it time you got started on that? 😉

Love with everything.
Josie X