The Sweat and No Sweat of a Start Up

With Northampton Hotpod Yoga Franchisee, Alice Williams.


To meticulously plan, or go with the flow? What’s best when it comes to starting your own business?

Is the blood, sweat and tears 😅 a necessary part of the doing-it-for yourself deal? What about pursuing a path of Least Effort?

Is that even possible?🤔


I believe so, and I may have found the person to convince you, or at least get you thinking.

Because seems to me that the only sweat my next podcast guest chose to break when she left a teaching job to start her business is the kind that’s generated in the heat of a purple, 37-degree heated yoga pod.😆😅

I am delighted to introduce you to Alice Williams the proud owner of the Hotpod Yoga Franchise in Northampton, which just opened a few short months ago in September 2018 (and where you will find me practicing and teaching).

Does she sweat the small stuff? I’m not even sure she sweats the big stuff. But, kidding aside, and without taking away any of her hard work, so far going with the flow has been a great game plan for her.

You will absolutely love this episode, especially if you’re looking for reminders that sometimes things can just fall into place.

Don’t forget… the beauty of a podcast is you can listen anytime, anywhere… so go ahead and jump into the conversation when you can.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the stuff you won’t want to miss.


2:30 Let’s start inside the pod – what’s Hotpod Yoga actually like?

3:11 How Alice’s Hot Pod Franchise Journey got started.

5:04 Why Alice stepped out of a career in teaching.

5:30: The importance Alice places on supporting, nurturing and taking care of her people.

6:45: Creating a business and setting the priorities.

7:30 How the reality lives up to the dream, and why it’s all worth it.

9:00: How it all fell into place for Alice with a little hard work and a heap of detachment.

10:15: Going with the ‘Hot Pod’ Flow and how there was no plan.

12:20: But what is Alice’s business mission?

14:30: How the pod environment makes Yoga accessible for all.

15:50: Spirituality and Sanskrit and why it’s absent from a Hotpod Yoga practice.

17:30: How the flow works. Let’s talk about SWEAT!

18:50: Does practicing in the pod help you lose weight?

20:30: What’s in it for the blokes?

21:45: How does Alice escape the busyness of business.

22:50: Using yoga as a practice to support your sports, gym work and training.

25:50: Alice’s strategies for coping with a self-made life.

28:30 How Alice structures her working day and manages a 7-day working week.

31:30 Why, when you’re enjoying what you’re doing finding time to switch off can be a challenge.

33:00: How there’s no one size fits all, in doing yoga, life and business.

34:10: Finding your own secret sauce for running a business.

35:50: What do you think is Alice’s favourite yoga pose?


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