Hey my friend…. jumping right in with a request… I’m looking for blokes.☺️🧘🏼‍♂️

What kind of blokes? I know you’re asking. So here’s a list and see if you recognise anyone you know.

  • Muscle bound athletes (strong but tight. This is in no particular order..really 😝).
  • Naturally flexible guys (loose but weak).
  • Tight and inflexible guys….(yep you can get both).
  • Stressed out men.
  • Men driven by competitive challenge who tend to overdo to prove themselves.
  • Men rehabbing an injury (see above).
  • Men seeking relief from decades of wear and tear (all of the above).🤦‍♀️
  • Yoga for Athletes | Class Takeaway


    Hey there. I’m reporting from Starbucks (I was spotted by one of you – yes, this is where it all happens… (sometimes..and always with soy!)

    Anyways…as I said, I’m reporting on last night’s class. If you weren’t able to make it, check out what you missed with this FREE downloadable PDF.  (Breakdown also posted on this blog)

    If you were there, thanks for showing up. You really are making a smart move if you want your awesome active life to be that – active! So please use this added bonus to connect to your practice at home and in between your sessions in class for maximum benefits.


    NEW | Your class content added extra

    Get your bit on the side 😉🧘🏼‍♂️

    Everyone likes a little extra helping, yes? So here’s an idea, and let me know if it’s of value (don’t leave me hanging out here, I need to know).

    You see, my big wish is that you, as a yogi-in-training, connect to your practice not just in class but back home too.

    So, ta dah…. I’ve created the Yoga Local Class Takeaway. There’s no fortune cookies with this takeaway (sorry) but what I do have is a snapshot of what was covered in class, and reminder of the asana (poses) you got to experience.

    Go check it out, tell me what you think, and download the free pdf that comes with… this supersized extra helping carries no extra calories.. so enjoy.



    Here it is. The one thing you can do to maximise your summer sports performance. ADJUST.

    Yes, you can boost your efforts in the gym and in training by simply taking on habits, routines and dietary choices that are in harmony with arrival of the new season and the cycles of nature.

    This, my athletic friend, is the science behind what’s called Ayurveda, (pronounced ‘I-Your-Veda’) a 5,000-year-old conscious-based way of maximising your health and fitness. It’s intuitive and makes sense.

    Jump on in for 3 ways to adjust your summer training plans.

    It’s getting hot in here! Announcing TWO new summer yoga programmes.

    TWO new summer yoga programmes coming soon…things are hotting up, but stay cool.

    Hellloooo. Exciting news. I’ve just wrapped up the details on two new summer yoga programmes. First up, we’ll be ramping up some summer self-lovin’ during a five class practice that will find you Flip Flop Ready, no sweat.

    I’ve also created a special five class programme for athletes/active folks looking to train smart, set priorities and stay on track as the holiday season threatens to unravel their hard-earned fitness gains.

    Don’t let a summer break sabotage your health and wellbeing goals. Yoga has your back.

    Feast on a Q&A Quickie: How can sports yoga help sports performance?

    Roll out the gingham, it’s time for a quickie. 😉

    So I get asked this a lot. How can sports yoga help sports performance?

    In fact, it was THE NUMBER ONE question asked by my yogi’s in training who get my Yoga Local newsletter. So cop a yoga squat (or not) while I answer it.

    Rather than reel off the big shout-outs to flexibility, strength, balance, which I’ve talked about before, I’ll answer this question from a different angle.

    Think of the common traits that equal sporting success. I did, and came up with a SUPER SIX PICNIC to feast on.

    More Yoga for Sports and Exciting Offer

    Coming Soon…can you help?

    Exciting news. I’m really, really close to wrapping up the details on a long-awaited extra yoga programme I’ve been working on since completing a five-day intensive specialised course, Yoga for Sports Training, with Jim Harrington (Australian coach to the Indian National Cricket Team).

    This new yoga series will be entirely focused on a Yoga for Sport practice, offering physical postures and yoga tools that are most versatile and useful for a range of athletes – runners, swimmers, cyclists, but also rugby players, surfers, footballers etc.
    It will run over five weeks at a new venue to be announced real soon.

    In it I will take you through all the ways yoga can:

    1. Optimise recovery.
    2. Reduce injury in your sport and help with rehab.
    3. Build power, flexibility and strength using poses designed around specific sports movement patterns.
    4. Build core consciousness.
    5. Offer a mental break from training.
    6. Improve your range of motion.
    7. Give you the edge in your training.

    5 Yogi Answers To Your Pre 26.2 Problems

    Yogi-In-Training Q&A

    Q: I’m on London Marathon Countdown. How can yoga help me prepare for my best 26.2?

    First of all awesome work. It takes big-ass discipline and determination to get this close to your 26.2 and I know it’s not easy. I earned my medal (that’s mine opposite) four years ago. I was a super fledging yogi-in-training (BC – Before Chopra) and using yoga asana (poses) purely for the physical benefits, as a lot of us do.

    Truth is I didn’t really get that there was much more to it. I may even have shrugged it off as not for me. Big mistake.

    I didn’t know just how much yoga could offer a massive edge to my training, performance and overall wellbeing. I’m here today (AC – After Chopra) to show you how it can and if you’re open, to share some yoga inspired pre-marathon preparations to send you on your way to your best 26.2. Feel free to share them with your athletic friends and family.

    3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Taper

    Yogi-In-Training Q&A

    Q: I’m in training for a spring marathon. How can yoga help me taper?

    A: Taper, peak, fade – whatever you call it, it’s that period when you’re supposed to be training less than you have before. You’ve logged the super long miles or sessions and the plan says it’s time to pull back, let the body catch up, recover. Sounds great, you can do that right?

    Not so straight-forward. Why? Because it’s way, way too easy to fall into the human trap of thinking more is more. (You know you think that way – you’re a competitor. It goes with the territory.)

    So you stop trusting the plan and maybe add on a few hours. Or you pull back and your mind starts flipping you out, the confidence you’ve worked hard to accumulate takes a dive and before you know it, your anxiety is through the roof and you don’t even have your old faithful sport to distract you.

    The solution: Drop a few key yoga tools into your taper plan.

    Why Runners Do Yoga X 7

    If you run, yoga’s a good idea because…

    Ok, let’s start with this. The more you can take care of you the more you are able to continue to enjoy and love life. Agree?

    Cool. So how does that relate to running? Keep going. Anyone who loves and LIVES to run will know how it feels to have to hang up their runners for any length of time. And I’m guessing their long-suffering significant others most definitely do. Yes? Can I hear nods? Seriously, but that’s life right? We all want to do what we want to do and we are seriously not happy when something, anything; ill health, fatigue, motivation, pain or even our own belief in our ability, stops us in our metaphorical tracks.

    So my answer to the question above is simply this. It’s a good idea for runners to take up a yoga practice because the more runners bring yoga into their world, the more runners will continue to enjoy their love of running.

    Whatever you already might think a yoga practice is or does, I invite you to consider this. Yoga is a practice that helps us all continue to do what we LIVE and LOVE to do.

    Revealing some whys?

    Now I appreciate this is a somewhat short and simple answer. There’s loads more to say and I’ll be breaking it all down at the next Yoga for Runners/Athletes Series. If you’re interested in this five-week yoga course designed specifically for runners and athletic types, find out how and when to sign up here and at the end of this article. First here’s just some of the whys I’m always promising…