3 Yogi-in-Training Ways to…

Overcome your open water fears

Hang on… before you ditch this blog. Before you say ‘no way Josie’,  I’m no triathlete, nope, not a chance…why would I want to do that? Hear me out.

Ask yourself first my yogi friends, do you love to exercise and stay active? Great, me too. It makes me feel better physically and mentally. Simple. But did you know the setting you exercise in can add on extra benefits?

Water and “blue” space helps us relax and can potentially give us more of a mental boost than slogging it out in the gym, or at home where we’re dodging distractions and sensory stimuli. You know – your phone, TV, music, apps etc.

When we’re near the water, under the water, we get a cognitive rest. We find a sense of calm and clarity. We know intuitively and instinctively that being in and around the blue stuff makes us feel great and it’s also a very real thing scientifically.

Check out your latest Yogi-In-Training blog to learn more and maybe I can tempt you to dig into these 3 top yogi tools to get you over any first-time open water fears.

Go on, dive in…it might be cold, but it’s also totally exhilarating.