Your most valuable Christmas gift EVER is right this way.

Come on in and unwrap your freebie.

I’ll jump right in and say it. It’s the end of November and life’s about to get even busier, crazier and more pressured. Agreed?

And, that my yogi friend will make it soooo much harder for you to put your health and wellbeing first. I get that – we all want to have a good time at Christmas and it’s a huge pressure not to fall in with the crowd and think to hell with it, I’ll go along for the ride until January.

But here’s the question. Is it what you want?

You feelin’ that good vibration? A QUICK YOGI WAY TO WITHIN

Hey Yogi-in-Training. Hope your week was sweet. 😉

Today’s yoga quickie is inspired by the music streaming services of Spotify.

I just fired up my account and got to scrolling through some beautifully curated sets of tunes designed by its experts to shift me into any desired state of mind or mood. Let me see, do I need help getting my sorry ass out of bed, or be inspired to go kick some creative butt?  As I have already won the war to wake, I’ll go for the latter option. Thankyou Spotify.

But It got me asking, who really needs a microscope or a science degree to see that sound can be a very cool way of communicating with the central nervous system?

Which is what I want you to remember as we dive into this week’s yoga quickie which is all about using sound or vibration to access heightened states of awareness, clarity and consciousness.

7 Day Meditation Practice Challenge

Easy does it….

Most of us know what’s good for us, but choosing to show up and do the work is…dag nam it… sooo, so hard. Even the push of a New Year, the promise of a fresh start, doesn’t stop us from giving up, sometimes before we’ve even started.

Here’s what’ll help –  start by making stupidly small, ridiculously easy, steps that throwing up resistance becomes (quite frankly) absurd. This works with any challenge, and it can work with starting a meditation practice too… which leads me to..ta dahhh…

The 7 Day Meditation Practice Challenge.

Each day I invite you to take on one small challenge that will move you slowly in the direction of your meditation mat and hopefully, in small easy steps, to a daily meditation practice.

Have fun diving in to some stillness…