Hey my friend…. jumping right in with a request… I’m looking for blokes.☺️🧘🏼‍♂️

What kind of blokes? I know you’re asking. So here’s a list and see if you recognise anyone you know.

  • Muscle bound athletes (strong but tight. This is in no particular order..really 😝).
  • Naturally flexible guys (loose but weak).
  • Tight and inflexible guys….(yep you can get both).
  • Stressed out men.
  • Men driven by competitive challenge who tend to overdo to prove themselves.
  • Men rehabbing an injury (see above).
  • Men seeking relief from decades of wear and tear (all of the above).🤦‍♀️
  • NEW | Your class content added extra

    Get your bit on the side 😉🧘🏼‍♂️

    Everyone likes a little extra helping, yes? So here’s an idea, and let me know if it’s of value (don’t leave me hanging out here, I need to know).

    You see, my big wish is that you, as a yogi-in-training, connect to your practice not just in class but back home too.

    So, ta dah…. I’ve created the Yoga Local Class Takeaway. There’s no fortune cookies with this takeaway (sorry) but what I do have is a snapshot of what was covered in class, and reminder of the asana (poses) you got to experience.

    Go check it out, tell me what you think, and download the free pdf that comes with… this supersized extra helping carries no extra calories.. so enjoy.

    JUST BEGIN: Your Year to be Yogi.

    2018 is Your Year to Be Yogi

    Let’s get something ‘yoga-plank’ straight. You can be a super-flexy hippy if that’s your thing but if it’s not, hear me out when I say being a yogi ain’t that. Forget that. New thinking required here. If you’re with me, it will change everything. You with me?

    Happy days. So, if that’s not who you have to be to be yogi. What is?

    Ok…here it comes.


    Ramp up some summer self-lovin with these 3 simple steps

    Flip flops and (come to think of it), handbags too. I just lurrrve.

    Ask me why… OK I’m imagining you’re asking (I like to ‘see’ you as I’m writing this stuff – else sometimes this blogging thing can feel a little crazy). Anyways, the answer is…they always fit. Right? You don’t dig around in your shoe stack and hope you’re going to get back into your fave flops. At least that’s never happened to me.

    So, girls (and boys if you’re out there) you’re flip flops are always good to go…each summer. Ready, steady. They’re ready to rock. Question is, are you?