Find your positive voice in 6 easy steps – without fibbing to your SELF.

If affirmations aren’t working for you? What will?

QUESTION for you.

What’s your take on affirmations? 🤨 You know…the process of affirming something or stating something as true. It works along the lines of if you tell yourself you’re a bad ass entrepreneur, then you’re a bad ass entrepreneur.

Or if you believe you can run a marathon under 4 hours, you will.

Do they work for you? Or do you feel like you’re simply telling yourself big fat pork pies. 🙂

If you want to find a way to move through doubt, negative thoughts, self-defeating language without losing your integrity or feeling feeling icky or fake. Come with me…

Get your spark back strategy

Ward off winter woes and be super resilient into spring

Seems appropriate to throw some fireworks into this week’s blog with a question.

Here it is…

Have you lost your sparkle?

If you have, through illness, fatigue, stress, or any other cause, you’ll recognise the symptoms.

  1. Maybe you’re not exactly having the time of your life.
  2. You probably have little energy, feel tired all the time.
  3. You’ve stopped doing all the crazy stuff you used to love doing or when you do, it’s not so effortless as it was.
  4. You feel like you’re not winning at life.
  5. You’re not showing up or performing at your best.
  6. You’ve got used to simply going through the motions.


This is not a good picture, agreed?