Here’s how we beat the cost of living crisis together!

We can meet this cost of living crisis where it’s at and do what we can to respond to it without losing our heads. No one want’s to put prices up – so what else can we sensibly do to keep all of us. 1. Practicing! 2. Resilient!



You know Yoga’s all about balance right?

Well, if you’ve been in class you’ll have witnessed some imbalance about my person… way too much water and earth in my ‘mix’ has been generating a lovely cold, flu-type concoction of mucus, sniffles, coughs and the like… it’s not been pretty. Again… I’m sorry but it’s not me… it’s my nature.. and it’s the nature of the weather we’ve been experiencing..coincidence??.

No such thing… get the juice on juicing and how to supercharge your health this winter – right this way.

Christmas is coming. Deal with it! Your yogi strategy.

Get your yogi mindset here.

Yep, we are officially in the rapids that are hurtling us towards Christmas and New Year, question is will you sink or will you swim? Ho Ho Ho… yeah, I know, not the most positive of seasons’ greetings (especially coming from a yogi). But let’s not kid ourselves…this time of year can be a STRESSSS FESSST.

Whether you’ll ride the yule tide rapids and reach calmer water has little to do with if you’ve got the buoyancy aid or a lifesavers’ certificate and everything to do with the answer to this question.

 Have you got the mindset?

Let’s go see.

Get your spark back strategy

Ward off winter woes and be super resilient into spring

Seems appropriate to throw some fireworks into this week’s blog with a question.

Here it is…

Have you lost your sparkle?

If you have, through illness, fatigue, stress, or any other cause, you’ll recognise the symptoms.

  1. Maybe you’re not exactly having the time of your life.
  2. You probably have little energy, feel tired all the time.
  3. You’ve stopped doing all the crazy stuff you used to love doing or when you do, it’s not so effortless as it was.
  4. You feel like you’re not winning at life.
  5. You’re not showing up or performing at your best.
  6. You’ve got used to simply going through the motions.


This is not a good picture, agreed?

3 yogi things to know for energy, flow and mojo.

Greetings yogi lovely. How’s your energy today?

You ever question why some days you wake up like a frickin Duracell bunny and rock a whole day with energy left to burn. Others you get to breakfast, clean your teeth and you’re done already? Maybe you’re done before that. :Hands In Head:

Not to worry my yogi friend. I’m here to tell you Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, has some answers but first here are three things to wrap your head around. Take a deep yoga breath…it’s a little heady.