#2 Yogis-In-Business. Birthing Baby & Business

…with Suzy Sanders of Admin Angels.

EVERYTHING changes when you become a mum. That’s how the story goes right?

Well that’s most definitely the story of this week’s Yogis-In-Business guest, Suzy Sanders, who happily paints the day she ‘hypnobirthed’ her son into world as ‘amazing’ and an experience that left her feeling ‘limitless’.

Come and check out this week’s show timeline and jump in on the conversation. Podcast this way.👉 🙏

JUST BEGIN: Your Year to be Yogi.

2018 is Your Year to Be Yogi

Let’s get something ‘yoga-plank’ straight. You can be a super-flexy hippy if that’s your thing but if it’s not, hear me out when I say being a yogi ain’t that. Forget that. New thinking required here. If you’re with me, it will change everything. You with me?

Happy days. So, if that’s not who you have to be to be yogi. What is?

Ok…here it comes.

Yoga for if you’ve not used ‘it’, lost ‘it’ – and want ‘it’ back – thank you very much.

Your health is just too important to lose…isn’t it?

When people say to me they ‘don’t do yoga’ because they’re not ‘flexible’ it tells me two things.


  1. They lost something super valuable (flexibility).
  2. They’re ok with it (they don’t do yoga).


These are both heart-breaking truths that drive me crazy.


Seriously, if you lost £50 you’d at least go look for it, right? Flexibility though?  ‘Meh – oh well.  ‘Easy come, easy go.’ ‘Strength, don’t need it any more’. ‘Balance, over-rated commodity – I’ll pass’.

Come on…really?