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It’s back! And it’s FREE.

Throughout January I’m inviting you to work to a systematic plan to take care of your Self!

Did you know working towards a spiritual goal is called Sadhana in yoga speak? Anyway… here’s the plan. It was created in Lockdown Take 2 and it’s back to support you through the challenges of Lockdown living!!

Take a look and download your copy of week 1 right here.



Hey my friend…. jumping right in with a request… I’m looking for blokes.☺️🧘🏼‍♂️

What kind of blokes? I know you’re asking. So here’s a list and see if you recognise anyone you know.

  • Muscle bound athletes (strong but tight. This is in no particular order..really 😝).
  • Naturally flexible guys (loose but weak).
  • Tight and inflexible guys….(yep you can get both).
  • Stressed out men.
  • Men driven by competitive challenge who tend to overdo to prove themselves.
  • Men rehabbing an injury (see above).
  • Men seeking relief from decades of wear and tear (all of the above).🤦‍♀️
  • Create space with your FREE Yoga Rituals, Planner and Habit Tracker.

    As a practice of union, Yoga has got me to slow down and step out of speed cycle that was at times addictive, restless and unhealthy. 🤒

    Now I get that the more we take on, the more difficult it is to get off our speed mills. Life just gets fuller and fuller and you just have to keep running to keep up. 🏃🏻‍♀️ And the more we run, the more we lose our way.
    We deplete our inner resources (our bodies) and our external resources (the planet).

    Do you see it? Want a way out?


    Your free yogi wellness training is back.

    We’re getting ahead of the game…it starts today. Your 2019 well-being planning starts now.👏

    Are you in?

    If 2018 has been a year of going through the motions, flying by the seat of your pants👖, thinking someday you’ll figure out how to be healthy and happy. If you’re feeling frustrated and have no idea how to make 2019 your breakthrough year, then I have got your back.

    Your most valuable Christmas gift EVER is right this way.

    Come on in and unwrap your freebie.

    I’ll jump right in and say it. It’s the end of November and life’s about to get even busier, crazier and more pressured. Agreed?

    And, that my yogi friend will make it soooo much harder for you to put your health and wellbeing first. I get that – we all want to have a good time at Christmas and it’s a huge pressure not to fall in with the crowd and think to hell with it, I’ll go along for the ride until January.

    But here’s the question. Is it what you want?