# 1 THE YOGA LOCAL Podcast | Sadhana – What You Need is a Plan.

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The Yoga Local Podcast | What You Need Is A Plan.

Routine, habits and working in a systematic way to move you towards your goals (spiritual, physical or otherwise) is the topic of this week’s podcast.

And it kind of relates to what’s playing out for me in my yoga business right now. If you go through my archives you’ll notice I was podcasting well before I opened the physical studio space 18 months ago and it got sidelined as other areas of the business naturally took priority.

Honestly, other areas of my life continue to take priority and quite frankly unless I find the space, create the habits and make systematic steps, it’s unlikely that picture will change any time soon.

So, I decided to just start. To just greet the moment. And do something towards making it happen. And hey presto here’s the outcome of that choice.

Girls’ Get up and Go Guide to Yoga

In 5 Easy Steps

Girls has your get up and go, got up and gone? Are you sleeping yet still hitting snooze. Eating less but carrying excess. Popping pills but catching ills? Can you remember when you last felt your best self?

Yoga has your back…

…No Yoga Pants Required

Chickadees however you feel about your health today this does not have to be your normal. You do not have to be resigned to it or get used to it. My mission is to show you how yoga can get you back – to you.