The ONE healthy yogi habit every ‘gotta get it done’ finisher needs

Are you set on what’s at the end of your rainbow? Why it’s good to decide, not to decide.

Hello! I’m getting ‘back to it’ after a short summer break. You ‘at it’ too?

Getting stuff done is good, yes? You get to say I achieved something, tick the box, get the medal, praise, pat on the back or whatever it is.

“Move on, neeeeeeexxt.” Is that a success mantra you were fed on? Sat writing this, I think it was mine. Did it work for me…? Mostly I guess, but I’ve been turning the idea over for a few days, and the result of these musings is what I want to share with you.

So take a minute from your next to do, please… and stay with me for the one healthy yogi habit every finisher needs. 😉