Need a refresher on taking a LIVE online class?

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Steps to signing up for and attending online classes

All you need is the member app, a device to access your zoom link and yourself!

Here’s a quick how-to guide to signing up and attending so you never ever have to miss a class, even when you can’t make it into (or are not allowed) in the studio. 

While our ‘In Studio’ classes only require you to book online and show up to class, there are a few simple things we recommend you have in order to participate in your ‘LIVE online’ class.



WE’RE ONLINE! Who’s zooming who?🎵🧘🏼‍

Hey yogis. We’ve gone live with our first online yoga class and it was a piece of cake.

Don’t believe me… listen to this lot


Anita Boiling – “It was fab, you were amazing! I felt like I was in the studio. Anyone not sure….try it. The Zoom app is so easy to use, and it feels like a 1 to 1 class.”