The Science Of Hatha Yoga

Discover the transformative journey of Hatha Yoga, a profound science that goes beyond mere physical exercise. Learn about the seven stages of traditional Hatha Yoga and how they empower practitioners to master their minds, energies, and unlock their true potential.

Celebrate The Gifts Of Yoga

Let’s Celebrate MERRY CHRISTMAS YOGIS! It’s that time of year again and we want to spread the joy all month, that’s why our theme is going to be LETS CELEBRATE! We will celebrate how far we’ve all come on this journey called life, honour our practice as we learn to make more time for it and […]

There’s More To Yoga Than Asana

Yoga Combines Many Techniques It is a very common misconception that Yoga is all about postures (Asana) and fitness. In reality, there is more to Yoga than Asana! Our big mission at Yoga Local is to bring the tradition back to it’s former glory and take it away from the superficial context it has been […]

Creative Bursts Of Insight | Pratibha

Yoga Blog

The Third Sanskrit Term For Dream This week we are focusing on the 3rd Sanskrit term for dream, this is Pratibha. This type of imagining is the creative energy that causes those random bursts of insight… the lightbulb moment, the ‘ah ha’, the instant inspiration.  This creative force is what formed our most talented artists […]

Your Dharma | Your Purpose


Your Dharma Is Greatness Yoga teaches us that Dharma is greatness. We are all born with a drive to excel, grow and achieve. This is called Dharma. It’s soul desire that is coded deep within. But we forget it’s there, deny it’s there, and mistrust it’s calls to act. Urghh – soul destroying is what […]

The Real Purpose Of Yoga

Real Purpose Of Yoga

What Is It To Master Asana? Let’s talk about the real purpose of Yoga, and mastering Asana (poses). What do we mean when we talk about mastering Asana? It’s probably not what you think and I’m going to talk a bit around why that might be in this blog. Before I start, check out the video […]

Yoga Techniques | Kumbhaka

yoga techniques

Kumbhaka – Breath Retentions Here at Yoga Local we like to bring themes into the studio that we can base our Yoga practice around. This month is working with the theme ‘Be Still’, and we are incorporating different techniques each week to bring our intention to that theme. (If you want to read more about this theme CLICK HERE). […]

What We Do Here | Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

10 Ways To Know If Yoga Local Is Right For You There are so many styles of Yoga out there. It can be so confusing! We want to make it clear to you guys what it is we do here and why we do it. And what we do is traditional Hatha Yoga. The basis […]

Yoga Theme of the Month | Be Still

Yoga Class Theme

Let’s Talk About The Theme! Practicing Yoga becomes most life-changing when every practice you do has an intention and a goal. That is why we base all of our Yoga classes around a specific theme. It keeps our practice focused and intentional, and gives us a framework for our practice.  This Months Theme This month […]

Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yoga

The Science Behind The Practice The practice of Yoga is often seen as something that women do to become flexible, when in reality it is so much more than that. When practiced properly and regularly, the benefits of Yoga can be amazing for both your body and mind. Many people that do Yoga will know […]