Why is my physio saying yoga is a good idea?

Hands up if you’ve ever had physio? Hands up if the reason you called your physio was down to any one of these?

  1. Pain
  2. Limitation
  3. Frustration

Probably all three right?

Now ask yourself, was something way, WAY off balance before you actually made that call. Had your body stopped talking in whispers and started shouting – “You got to help me out here. Stop doing the thing that you are doing and let’s try and fix this.”

Oh yes – I’ve been there and I know I am not alone.

According to the NHS, the things we mostly seek physio out for include one or more of the following:

Hold on to your seat – Chair Yoga is coming.

Yes, it’s really yoga, so please don’t sit this one out.

Yoga Local has teamed up with PhysioPlus in Northampton to launch a five-week adaptive Chair Yoga programme.

This seated practice begins in the New Year and is focused on helping anyone who may be limited in movement or recovering from an injury to discover the benefits of yoga.

Why Chair Yoga?

Here’s what happens when you find yoga from the comfort of your chair. You will…