De-Stress With Yoga & Ayurveda

Shift With The Seasons… Guys! Did you hear the wind this morning? Have you noticed the trees’ juicy vibrant leaves becoming dry and crisp! The seasons are shifting. And so are we. This means it is time to de-stress with Yoga and Ayurveda. As our external environment changes, guess what? So do we. We are just like […]

Devotional Yoga | The first step to understanding

Make The Effort | Devotional Yoga The first step for most things we don’t understand is making the effort to find the true meaning. I find a lot of people don’t understand what Yoga is. And to some, Yoga leaves the impression of inactivity and passiveness. Additionally… when Sanskrit terms like Ishvara Pranidhana are used, loosely […]

Here’s how we beat the cost of living crisis together!

We can meet this cost of living crisis where it’s at and do what we can to respond to it without losing our heads. No one want’s to put prices up – so what else can we sensibly do to keep all of us. 1. Practicing! 2. Resilient!

Yoga Vocal – Issue 11


Finding the Lesson in the Rule of 6

The Rule of 6… scary right? or is it? you see, EVERYONE that is coming to class in the studio are in a maximum of 6 but instead of being concerned, I watch as their shoulders relax as they walk in to calm that is Yoga Local. 

It’s times like this that yoga can give us that sense of calm and more importantly, a feeling of normality.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue Love the YL Team x.

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Yoga Vocal – Issue 10


When your well being is EVERYBODY’S wellbeing

We’ve all learned so much over the last 3 months, found out stuff about ourselves that we have liked, things we didn’t like and things about our lives that may change us forever. Most of it has been out of our control, except this bit… Finding Your Purpose. Have a read through to find out why.

Once you’ve read through, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts and comments to assist@yogalocal.co.uk

JUST BEGIN: Your Year to be Yogi.

2018 is Your Year to Be Yogi

Let’s get something ‘yoga-plank’ straight. You can be a super-flexy hippy if that’s your thing but if it’s not, hear me out when I say being a yogi ain’t that. Forget that. New thinking required here. If you’re with me, it will change everything. You with me?

Happy days. So, if that’s not who you have to be to be yogi. What is?

Ok…here it comes.

Feast on a Q&A Quickie: How can sports yoga help sports performance?

Roll out the gingham, it’s time for a quickie. 😉

So I get asked this a lot. How can sports yoga help sports performance?

In fact, it was THE NUMBER ONE question asked by my yogi’s in training who get my Yoga Local newsletter. So cop a yoga squat (or not) while I answer it.

Rather than reel off the big shout-outs to flexibility, strength, balance, which I’ve talked about before, I’ll answer this question from a different angle.

Think of the common traits that equal sporting success. I did, and came up with a SUPER SIX PICNIC to feast on.