A seven-day yoga and meditation retreat designed to help you unplug from life’s ‘white noise’ and retune your body, mind and spirit to the natural beat of the universe.

Not only will you fly home with a more physically strong, flexible, and balanced body, you’ll return with a complete science of balanced living and a path to knowing your best Self and creating success in all areas of your life – that’s relationships, spiritual connection and emotional, physical and material wellbeing.

It’s all to play for – and all on the magical coastline of Morocco.

The ONE essential yogi ingredient for creating the life you want.

“Established in yoga, perform action.”

On days when nothing goes your way, when you feel powerless, when you think life’s throwing you under the proverbial bus – you could be forgiven for thinking you’d had no say in any of it. But guess what, you did.

Urghh, don’t hate me.  I get that you might not bet taking this as good news, but it is.  It’s a VERY good thing.

Think about it. As unsavoury as it is to think to yourself ‘well, that’s another fine mess I got me into’, it at least acknowledges that you always had a say on some level – and we all want freedom to choose, yes?


There’s more this way…

The ONE healthy yogi habit every ‘gotta get it done’ finisher needs

Are you set on what’s at the end of your rainbow? Why it’s good to decide, not to decide.

Hello! I’m getting ‘back to it’ after a short summer break. You ‘at it’ too?

Getting stuff done is good, yes? You get to say I achieved something, tick the box, get the medal, praise, pat on the back or whatever it is.

“Move on, neeeeeeexxt.” Is that a success mantra you were fed on? Sat writing this, I think it was mine. Did it work for me…? Mostly I guess, but I’ve been turning the idea over for a few days, and the result of these musings is what I want to share with you.

So take a minute from your next to do, please… and stay with me for the one healthy yogi habit every finisher needs. 😉

The four obstacles to achieving your goals

And why it takes courage to confront your dream.

What’s stopping us from realising our dreams? What drives one person to go after what they want, desire or need and another to settle – make do.

Why do some of us ask for more out of life, question why we’re here, and whether what we have achieved is what we even wanted in the first place?

And, while I’m at it, why do some people know what they really, really, REALLY, want, and others have no clue, or simply never ask?

Interested in exploring this with me? Come on in.

More on overcoming hard choices…Don’t resist

The devil is not in the detail, it’s in the denial.

Resistance is our enemy. That’s what author, Steven Pressfield tells me in his book, The War of Art.

Resistance is there any time it comes to making that first step – to meditate, take a yoga class, eat right, pursue a new career, end a relationship, pop the question, write a blog or any activity that rejects an instant fix in favour of long term growth, health or wellbeing. Put simply, any good choice we know to be good for us.

If we let it, resistance will start throwing up excuses of why we can’t, shouldn’t, won’t do what we know we need to do. Stuff like:

How to overcome making hard choices…

Part 1 …like starting a meditation practice.

Is the motivation to do what’s good for you hit and miss? You ate well all week, so tonight – what the heck, show me the ice cream…

Most of us know what’s good for us, but choosing right is hard. How so?

In Deepak Chopra’s and Rudolph Tanzi’s latest book, Super Genes, it throws up some answers.

According to my spiritual teacher, Deepak, and his genetic expert friend Tanzi, choice making it turns out is a skill. One we can cultivate and get better at to the point that eventually what we once thought was an impossibly hard choice (for us, but not necessarily everyone) becomes easy.

The secret?

Do less, achieve more.

Sound good? Here’s how.

If you’ve been spoon-fed on a menu of mantras like ‘no pain, no gain’, and ‘work hard, play hard’, you might be rolling your eyes around now at the idea of doing less and achieving more. Bear with me.

Nothing wrong with being driven, focused, consistent or passionate but stop sharpening those elbows for a second and ask yourself, how much are you forcing your way through life? And at what expense to your feelings of yumminess?

The perfect lesson at Perfect Health

Perfect Health Graduates February 2015 And probably not so perfect post…..oh well. Seems odd that during the last stretch of teacher training for Deepak’s Perfect Health programme, one lesson to really learn was – ‘don’t try to be so perfect’. Let me explain. It’s February 16, 2015 and I’m back in La La Chopra…

The jump

My very gorgeous friend once told me that sometimes life has to hollow you out before it can fill you up again. Just over a month ago I hollowed out. On Tuesday, October 29 I resigned from my job. I walked away from a career that I once thought defined me. With no net…

Yogi in training. Step one: Sow seeds

As the saying goes – If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got. So, it’s time to make different choices. It’s time to accept that I am the author of my story and I can turn the plot in any direction I want. According to my…