Yoga For Spine Stability

yoga blog spine stability

Check out these yoga videos for back and glute strength.

We’ve been working with spinal extensions and back bends in class this week but this kind of practice is not just for yogis looking to “open their heart” or master a particular asana or posture! 

It’s for anyone looking to improve their lower back (and glute) strength! That you? It’s certainly me!  And it’s certainly for the members at ShireFit who our teacher Maz serves each week in two weekly sessions on behalf of YL.

This is what she’s been helping the crossfit folk across the courtyard, master.  Take it away Maz! 🙏


Yoga For Tight Hips

yoga blog hip openers

Check out these yoga videos for tight hips.

Sometimes, you don’t find yoga – yoga finds you. For example… did you know our Maz is working to deliver RCVR classes for our neighbours, ShireFit, a cross fit gym here at Nene Court, Wellingborough and for its members in Corby too.

It’s not what you’d call traditional yoga – but that’s not always where we want to start! Where we start is with a specific need! If you have tight hips… you need to watch this.


  Our friends and neighbours at Shire Fit have recognised an often overlooked but really important aspect of gym training – recovery! Which is why they’ve teamed up with us here at Yoga Local to power a new RCVR class at both their Wellingborough and Corby gyms. Our Maz is delivering the Yoga inspired sessions […]