Yoga For Spine Stability

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Check out these yoga videos for back and glute strength.

We’ve been working with spinal extensions and back bends in class this week but this kind of practice is not just for yogis looking to “open their heart” or master a particular asana or posture! 

It’s for anyone looking to improve their lower back (and glute) strength! That you? It’s certainly me!  And it’s certainly for the members at ShireFit who our teacher Maz serves each week in two weekly sessions on behalf of YL.

This is what she’s been helping the crossfit folk across the courtyard, master.  Take it away Maz! 🙏


JUST BEGIN: Your Year to be Yogi.

2018 is Your Year to Be Yogi

Let’s get something ‘yoga-plank’ straight. You can be a super-flexy hippy if that’s your thing but if it’s not, hear me out when I say being a yogi ain’t that. Forget that. New thinking required here. If you’re with me, it will change everything. You with me?

Happy days. So, if that’s not who you have to be to be yogi. What is?

Ok…here it comes.

Yoga Q&A Quickie. What to do when your down dog ‘kills your wrists’.

I asked: “Where do you feel the weakest? Would it help if certain muscles were stronger?”

You said: “Arms. Downward dog kills my arms and wrists.

Anyone relate to this? Can I hear a hell yes!”

Before I dive in with some solutions I want to ask you to consider that building strength isn’t necessarily just about having more/bigger muscles or isolating one particularly muscle over another. Nope my yogi friend, building strength is also about using all the muscles you have more efficiently, especially those that have not joined the party for some time. I call that union, which, as is happens, means Yoga…very cool right?