Yoga Q&A Quickie: Sports Specific Yoga

You asked: Why do I need yoga if I’m already active?

Jump on over here to get my top 5 answers to this one. AND find out about my next sports specific yoga series. You won’t want to miss the chance to learn more about how to fine tune your body and mind to the requirements of your sport.

See you inside my yogi-in-training friend. 😉👍

More Yoga for Sports and Exciting Offer

Coming Soon…can you help?

Exciting news. I’m really, really close to wrapping up the details on a long-awaited extra yoga programme I’ve been working on since completing a five-day intensive specialised course, Yoga for Sports Training, with Jim Harrington (Australian coach to the Indian National Cricket Team).

This new yoga series will be entirely focused on a Yoga for Sport practice, offering physical postures and yoga tools that are most versatile and useful for a range of athletes – runners, swimmers, cyclists, but also rugby players, surfers, footballers etc.
It will run over five weeks at a new venue to be announced real soon.

In it I will take you through all the ways yoga can:

  1. Optimise recovery.
  2. Reduce injury in your sport and help with rehab.
  3. Build power, flexibility and strength using poses designed around specific sports movement patterns.
  4. Build core consciousness.
  5. Offer a mental break from training.
  6. Improve your range of motion.
  7. Give you the edge in your training.

3 Yogi-in-Training Ways to…

Overcome your open water fears

Hang on… before you ditch this blog. Before you say ‘no way Josie’,  I’m no triathlete, nope, not a chance…why would I want to do that? Hear me out.

Ask yourself first my yogi friends, do you love to exercise and stay active? Great, me too. It makes me feel better physically and mentally. Simple. But did you know the setting you exercise in can add on extra benefits?

Water and “blue” space helps us relax and can potentially give us more of a mental boost than slogging it out in the gym, or at home where we’re dodging distractions and sensory stimuli. You know – your phone, TV, music, apps etc.

When we’re near the water, under the water, we get a cognitive rest. We find a sense of calm and clarity. We know intuitively and instinctively that being in and around the blue stuff makes us feel great and it’s also a very real thing scientifically.

Check out your latest Yogi-In-Training blog to learn more and maybe I can tempt you to dig into these 3 top yogi tools to get you over any first-time open water fears.

Go on, dive in…it might be cold, but it’s also totally exhilarating.