Change Your Daily Life

A Note From Josie Hey lovely, Josie here. I used to think that if I wanted to “be healthy and happy,” the habits I needed to change were what I ate and how I worked out. To be fair, it’s not bad start, but I was wrong… here’s what needed to change. What I was […]

Ayurveda to course correct your life!


Let’s use Ayurveda to get back on track! Have you let things slide? Do you remember what happened when life slowed us all down in lockdown? Did you notice what grew from that enforced stillness? Did you find more spaciousness, awareness, freedom? In that spaciousness did you actively extract more of the joy from life, savour the small things, and make the […]

Creative Bursts Of Insight | Pratibha

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The Third Sanskrit Term For Dream This week we are focusing on the 3rd Sanskrit term for dream, this is Pratibha. This type of imagining is the creative energy that causes those random bursts of insight… the lightbulb moment, the ‘ah ha’, the instant inspiration.  This creative force is what formed our most talented artists […]

Yoga Techniques | Kumbhaka

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Kumbhaka – Breath Retentions Here at Yoga Local we like to bring themes into the studio that we can base our Yoga practice around. This month is working with the theme ‘Be Still’, and we are incorporating different techniques each week to bring our intention to that theme. (If you want to read more about this theme CLICK HERE). […]

What We Do Here | Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

10 Ways To Know If Yoga Local Is Right For You There are so many styles of Yoga out there. It can be so confusing! We want to make it clear to you guys what it is we do here and why we do it. And what we do is traditional Hatha Yoga. The basis […]

Yoga Theme of the Month | Be Still

Yoga Class Theme

Let’s Talk About The Theme! Practicing Yoga becomes most life-changing when every practice you do has an intention and a goal. That is why we base all of our Yoga classes around a specific theme. It keeps our practice focused and intentional, and gives us a framework for our practice.  This Months Theme This month […]

Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yoga

The Science Behind The Practice The practice of Yoga is often seen as something that women do to become flexible, when in reality it is so much more than that. When practiced properly and regularly, the benefits of Yoga can be amazing for both your body and mind. Many people that do Yoga will know […]

Yoga to Achieve

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Apurva Birthing a new reality Do you ever stop and ask yourself – What are you trying to achieve?  No matter who you are or what your circumstances Yoga teaches that you need to know the answer …and you need to know precisely. If you don’t, if you are holding on to a vibration of […]

Winter Wellness Retreat 2021

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St Nectans Glen, Cornwall by Alison Steedman So, you may or may not know that us at Yoga Local took 10 of our lovely Yogis down to Cornwall on a Winter Wellness Retreat last weekend. Which (if I do say so myself) was a raging success! A long weekend full of nutritious food, Yoga, Meditation, […]

Yoga Vocal – Issue 13


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AFTER  a month of less good news, take a moment to read some good news stuff… Yoga Vocal Issue #13

We hope you enjoy the latest issue Love the YL Team x.

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