The Science Of Hatha Yoga

Discover the transformative journey of Hatha Yoga, a profound science that goes beyond mere physical exercise. Learn about the seven stages of traditional Hatha Yoga and how they empower practitioners to master their minds, energies, and unlock their true potential.

Celebrate The Gifts Of Yoga

Let’s Celebrate MERRY CHRISTMAS YOGIS! It’s that time of year again and we want to spread the joy all month, that’s why our theme is going to be LETS CELEBRATE! We will celebrate how far we’ve all come on this journey called life, honour our practice as we learn to make more time for it and […]

Is anyone asking: ‘What is happening to yoga?’

Post pandemic – is anyone else asking: ‘What is happening to Yoga?’ As we sit in the aftermath of a seismic shift in lifestyle habits and check out the new normal, is anyone confused about where we go (where yoga goes) from here? Confusion has plagued my partnership with yoga since I began to fall in […]

There’s More To Yoga Than Asana

Yoga Combines Many Techniques It is a very common misconception that Yoga is all about postures (Asana) and fitness. In reality, there is more to Yoga than Asana! Our big mission at Yoga Local is to bring the tradition back to it’s former glory and take it away from the superficial context it has been […]

De-Stress With Yoga & Ayurveda

Shift With The Seasons… Guys! Did you hear the wind this morning? Have you noticed the trees’ juicy vibrant leaves becoming dry and crisp! The seasons are shifting. And so are we. This means it is time to de-stress with Yoga and Ayurveda. As our external environment changes, guess what? So do we. We are just like […]

Yoga Isn’t Random!

Everything We Offer Has Direction & Purpose The progression of a Tantra Hatha Yoga practice. Showing the steps through Moon, Sun and Fire practice and the journey to more subtle practices. It needs to be made clear that Yoga isn’t random! This week’s podcast talks all about how we make sure all we do at […]

Here’s how we beat the cost of living crisis together!

We can meet this cost of living crisis where it’s at and do what we can to respond to it without losing our heads. No one want’s to put prices up – so what else can we sensibly do to keep all of us. 1. Practicing! 2. Resilient!