Are you telling yourself you’re not technical? Watch this…

Hey there.

This video is a bit raw – but done is better than perfect… 😝
I wanted to show you just how easy it is to get in a Zoom room and practice with us at Yoga Local.

Excuse dodgy camera angles … it gives you the idea. (And shows you you don’t have to be so great at the tech – you just have to have a go and see what happens).

It really is that easy. But if you need some more help. Please, just ask.🧡🙏
Some of us just need a hand hold to get us there, so let me do that for you.It could be a while before we get you back in the studio again and I don’t want you letting your practice slide…or missing out on the beautiful YL community that’s really building in this online space, or feeling like you’re not missed… you are!And… summer’s coming.. just saying :).

So email me
Or go and book your class now

That’s it for today…
Keep well my friend 🧡

Josie X

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