The Betrayal


I’m cheating on my mentor. There – I said it.

I’m still ‘Living with Deepak’, but (oh dear) I’ve jumped into bed with Mastin Kipp.

It all started on August 28 when Mastin emails me asking me saying he wants to talk about my purpose. (I’d signed up for his newsletter The Daily Love the month before).

Next thing I know I’ve pre-ordered his book, Growing into Grace, and a whole heap of free amazing bonuses start landing in my inbox.

I got:

  • Coaching calls – a chance to get on the blower with Mastin and talk about my life and purpose.
  • Instant access to interviews with a bunch a people I’d never heard of. The one exception here was Caroline Myss who I came across as a speaker at Seduction of Spirit.
  • Three free Kundalini Yoga classes (I know nothing about this kind of yoga by the way).
  • Four Growing into Grace book club calls to chat about the book and answer questions.
  • Training videos on how to get ‘unstuck’ and live your dreams.
  • And finally access to Mastin’s online class “How to Follow Your Bliss”, which is based on the work of Joseph Campbell – who I also had never heard of.

I finally got around to watching said online class yesterday and got to hear all about the Hero’s Journey – which I am most definitely on.

So, now I’m in trouble. I hope Deepak understands, but I suspect this thing I’ve got going on with Mastin could be more than a passing fling.

And, thank you Mastin, because I wouldn’t be writing this now if it wasn’t for your nagging (but loving) call over the past couple of months to “Take action. Make it real”.

Coincidentally (although I know there’s no such thing) I’m writing this exactly a year since I quit my job, and died to my old way of living. But now I’m thinking, was that day me crossing the threshold, or was it my ordeal? To be continued…