The Goal Of Tantric Yoga

Tantric Yoga

Tantra & Sri Vidya

Learning how to embrace practice to become a true force of nature and live your most extraordinary life? That is the goal of Tantric Yoga…

First of all – if you’re confused about all the different paths, streams, sub-streams, traditions and methodologies within the Yoga world – I’m with you.

Nothing in most western offerings, found at the gym and fitness centers, comes close to touching the vastness of the science of Yoga.

And, not being rude, but I’ve heard my own lower mind buying into the narrative that any Yoga is good Yoga.

I’ve expanded since then. And from that space is where I can honestly report back…in most cases, we are being sold short.

We are trading diamonds for lettuces!

If your practice isn’t helping you learn specific methodologies to cultivate the means (for yourself) to bring more joy, success, and freedom in your life. A life where you are truly thriving loving and laughing….

If it’s not expanding all of who you are, in an evolutionary direction – something’s up with your practice or the way you are practicing. Maybe both.

tantric yoga

Tantra is this ancient spiritual system that combines many MANY techniques that aim to unify our spiritual life AND everyday life. It has many sub-streams of practices that help to reach the goal of Tantra…

Now, if like me you confuse easily, think of several streams heading towards one symbolic single ocean. Possibly merging at times.

One of those streams is the tradition of Sri Vidya and it’s a sub-stream of Tantra.

What I love about riding the stream of Sri Vidya is it cultivates the means (through scientific, specific practices and methodologies) to propel us towards more joy and soul-aligned success in our everyday mundane life.

This is not egoic success by the way… (fancy job, car, holiday home on the white sands of the Bahamas). Nice but doesn’t buy us true happiness.

This goes deeper. It’s the type of success that makes us feel good, because in some way our success is contributing majorly towards making everything better, the world a better place to be – for EVERYONE. Including YOU.

I want that, don’t you?

Or is touching your toes, stretching your hamstrings, getting some ‘me time’ to relax, nailing a headstand where you’ve set your bar!

I invite you to set it higher. And my friend, your fitness and flexibility isn’t the obstacle – but your mind might be.

The Goal Of Tantric Yoga

The Sri Vidya tradition and Tantra are interconnected as is the Hatha Yoga tradition.

But the goal of Tantric Yoga, which means:

Tan = To Weave/Expand

Tra = To Protect

…is the same no matter what Tantric stream your float your boat in.

And that is to dissolve! To dissolve the wall that separates what is sacreddivine, blissful, auspicious, joyful from the mundane nature of our worldly, manifest human existence.

Tantric Yoga ‘weaves’ the beauty of these experiences together and invites us to see everything as connected and sacred.

It ask us to look at how we make everything more Yogic, more conscious.

To look at the details and ask ‘how do we make our relationships, businesses and interactions more beautiful and divine’?

So that they become nourishment and sustenance for anyone exposed to it.

Why practice Tantric Yoga?

So that we can all thrive in this life, the material world of ‘Prakruti’. That appears as fixed and solid but by nature, is ever-changing.

So we can all learn to enjoy the dance.

All we have to do is find practices that will help us connect to our joyful sacred self and bring that aspect of who we are back into our living human experience.

In some way that means learning to disconnect from our existing worldview as the being
separate and static and plug into a higher reality where a part of us is always free, full of potential – yeah – and let’s just say it… powerful.

The Three Pillars Of Tantra

In order to experience this sublime worldview Tantra teaches there are 3 things we need to consider. 3 Core Pillars of Tantra:

  1. Aparvarga (Freedom) – Connect to the
    part of you that is free.
  2. Bhoga (Enjoyment) – Find the beauty in
    the small details.
  3. Bhukti (Achievement) – Manifest
    soul-aligned purpose.

The tradition of Tantra reminds us it’s our nature to create!

My teacher passionately puts it like this…. 

“You are a concentrated package of fire power! A Kundalini maaachhhine!!!!”

“You get the energy centres (chakras) the nadis (energy pathways) the brain. What are you going to do with it!!!?”

In other words, as humans we have the tools. Our mission is simply to use them and figure out what it is we are here to create.

Our job is to manifest and align our energies so we can summon our Kundalini power, find our purpose and go at it like our life depends on it. 

It’s truly only then, driven by soul-purpose, that we will be happy.

If you can plug into the 3 Pillars of Tantra and find freedom, enjoyment and achievement – Tantra says you’re going to win at life.

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