Think that good coffee ☕️ has to be made with a machine? Think again.🤔

At Yoga Local we are now serving hand-poured coffee, dripped slowly (3 min brew time to be precise) using filtered water (boiled to exactly 94 C) and that doesn’t just get ensure a great brew, but sits right with our values here at the studio which is to always question, where’s the rush?

This pour over technique has apparently become the next big thing in the coffee industry and I was very happy to bring this revolution to the courtyard and our members here in Wellingborough.


Well, there are many people who think coffee is just coffee. But there’s always more to be discovered when you get curious (which is what yoga asks of us).

For example, the coffee you’ll get here is organic and freshly roasted to strict criteria just a few hundred yards across from the studio at The Roastery, Nene Court.

It’s high in antioxidents that fight inflammation and keep us healthy by protecting our cells from damage.

It’s also free of harmful pesticides that can have both harmful effects on our health, as well as our environment.

We also discovered from our Roastery friends that this type of pour over method increases the extraction of antioxidents from the coffee. Something your machine-made coffee isn’t up to.

Now there’s a lot of studies both for and against drinking coffee and I encourage you to be curious, listen to your body and choose what feels right for you.

But if you happen to love coffee too and want to make some choices on how you take it to optimise your health… well, now you can.

Now folks that probably means forgoing the syrups and sugar too at some point. But as I always love to remind you, small changes add to big benefits…

We all get to choose what we put in our bodies every day. Food, drink, thoughts, experiences, sounds all add up to the picture of health and happiness that you put out there as you. It’s always a choice.


According to coffee expert Martin Richards from The Roastery (pictured) there’s a formula for the perfect pour over.

An extraction of no less than 18 and no more than 22 per cent delivering strength of total dissolved solids of between 1 and 1.5 per cent.

My first attempt during training with Martin delivered an extraction of 21.62 per cent. TDS 1.39 (Gold Standard!)

Proof in the picture..Boom!