The Science Of Hatha Yoga

Unlock Your Inner Power

Do you know there are seven steps to the science of Hatha Yoga? You might not. If you’re new to this area, you could think Hatha is the ‘gentle one’ (By the way, I’d avoid any class with that kind of advertising—it’s not accurate!).

Hatha Yoga is an ancient science, dating back 5,000 years, that teaches you to master your mind, energy, and your one amazing, highly unlikely life. It’s about claiming your power! It’s about being brave and getting out of your own way. It’s about harnessing your will and determination to overcome life’s curveballs and rise fiercely into the true essence of who you are and why you’re here! Yes, you have a purpose! Everything in nature does.

The Science Of Hatha Yoga Isn’t ‘easy’

Hatha Yoga, as it was meant to be taught, is for the bold, courageous, and curious warriors among us who are wondering what life is about and are ready to adventure into the unknown world of consciousness.

This is not a gentle ride! You’re not here to just lie on a mat and call it a day. Please don’t come to this studio thinking a good stretch and relax will solve all your problems, never mind get you to enlightenment. It won’t. (You know that on some level, we have inner wisdom, folks!)

This is what we do, and here’s how we do it through those seven stages of Hatha Yoga I just mentioned. Which, by the way, have been shared generously over centuries by enlightened sages who have accessed this wisdom directly from the source! And now it’s in our hands… so let’s take a look.


Understanding the Seven Stages of Traditional Hatha Yoga

The Seven Stages of Hatha Yoga:

  1. PURIFICATION – health and system efficiency. Starts by getting you to function well, focusing on the physical body and optimizing its functioning. (Our Ayurvedic programs support this work).

  2. STRENGTHENING – strengthening the mind, removing distractions, and unhelpful thought patterns. Physically, we strengthen the body and core muscles that support the spine. (Strength Class and Restore offer this).

  3. CALMING (moon) – focus is on the mind and making it steady. We slow practice down so we can take our minds to internal and subtle spaces. (Moon Practice)

  4. STABILITY (moon) – stabilising within the calm so that we don’t lose it when life gets chaotic (because it will, right!). (Moon Practice)

  5. SENSITISE (sun) – become sensitive to innate energy and life force. Attune to inner landscape, recognize subtle energy currents within. Tap into vitality (Sun Practice).

  6. EXPANSION (sun) – expand your inner life-force. Heightened awareness and focus help channel energy, amplifying healing, creativity, and self-realization. (Sun Practice)

  7. ILLUMINATION (fire) – use the power built to unlock your true potential and be a force of good in the world. (Fire Practice)


Harnessing Inner Power Through Yogic Practices 

Ultimately, Hatha Yoga is a systemised way to realise our true potential and become a force for good in the world. Through the skilful application of yogic practices over time and with dedicated consistency, we harness our inner power to serve not only ourselves but also the greater good.

And the idea is to recognise your inner power is harmonious and supportive. Yoga is all about power. But, please, let’s get it in the right hands!

The Discipline Within The Science Of Hatha Yoga

Of course, doing this work and sticking to something you set out to do (especially when it challenges), takes discipline and consistency.

So we have to notice how we feel about following the rules and notice if we use those rules as an excuse to practice harshly and rigidly or avoid and disregard those rules completely.

Whatever way we go, can we bring it back to the yoga… a discipline that needs to be embalmed with love because at times it’s a rough ride when we see that we are the ones getting in the way of our right to that inner power!

And then can we then be brave, pick ourselves up gently and come back to try again. (Watch out world because in this process we just keep getting more powerful!).

And let me tell you, tapping into your power isn’t about bossing people around, showing off your strength, or flexing your muscles (although, again, nothing wrong with a bit of flexing now and then). It’s about being a force for good, using your strength and wisdom to make the world a better, brighter place for everyone.


The Path to Self-Realisation and Empowerment

I guess what I’m saying is if you really want what Yoga has to offer and is meant to offer, you won’t be here for the easy road. You will want to shake things up, to step into your power, and to live your one amazing, wildly improbable life to the fullest.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to roll out your mat, take a deep breath, and dive headfirst into the adventure of a lifetime?