There’s More To Yoga Than Asana

Yoga Combines Many Techniques

It is a very common misconception that Yoga is all about postures (Asana) and fitness. In reality, there is more to Yoga than Asana!

Our big mission at Yoga Local is to bring the tradition back to it’s former glory and take it away from the superficial context it has been given. So we make sure to teach everything at our studio in alignment with the original intention of Yoga, which is actually not a fitness goal.

Yoga is the combination of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation also known as posture, breath and mindfulness respectively. This combination has the intention of bringing you to a deeper state of clarity and connection to yourself. 

How do these three things do that? Well, when combined, they all work to manage our ENERGY. When we are in control of our energy, we are in control of the mind. This leads to greater experiences in life and in our Yoga practice.

Yoga & Energy Management

The real purpose of Asana in Yoga has nothing to do with physical fitness. It is actually all about creating the shapes we need to more readily access certain energetics. Each pose category is specifically designed to help us access our energy. So we can use it intelligently to make more refined and clarified decisions in life.
There are 5 different energies to be aware of in your Yoga practice…
  1. Apana – downwards moving and grounding
  2. Samana – balancing and assimilating
  3. Pran – internalising and heart opening
  4. Vyana – all consuming and integrating
  5. Udana – upwards moving and clarifying
Each of these pose categories builds each energy respectively…
  1. Forward folds
  2. Twists
  3. Backbends
  4. Laterals
  5. Inversions

Each Energy Works Differently

Each of these energies are important on their own, however some also work extremely well together.
For example, Apana and Samana are brilliant together when focusing on the mind. Both create a stable yet vibrant mind through a combination of grounding and balance.
Pran and Vyana also work well together. Pran builds our capacity to cultivate energy and Vyana works to distribute that energy around the body, both sensitising us to our energetics.
Udana is different in that it works well with all of the energies. The upwards movement of Udana draws all energies up with it, taking us out of the physical and assisting spiritual growth.

Energy and Connection

As we have mentioned before, Yoga is union. It’s all about connection, and Yoga teaches us that we are all connected through energy. That is what we all have in common, it is what we are all made of.
To find deeper connection, not only to yourself but everything around you, it starts with Yoga. You build that connection within so you may enhance your life and your connection to life. It all starts here…

Watch the podcast to hear Josie speak further on this topic, and learn about how we introduce energy into each class this week. 

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