The True Power Of Yoga | Traditional Teachings

Discover the True Power of Yoga: Exploring the Traditional Teachings of Yoga for Energy Management

Why has yoga become so popular?

Have you ever wondered why yoga has become so popular in recent years?

Maybe you have heard about it from a friend, or perhaps you have seen pictures of people doing complicated poses on social media. Yoga is a flawless science that has been practiced for thousands of years. But in recent years, it has become more popular as a way to manage stress and promote physical and mental health. However, the growing popularity of yoga has led to an increase in gimmicks and trends. Rather than a focus on the original traditional practice.


Understanding the Meaning and Purpose of Yoga

If you have never done yoga before, you might be wondering what all the jargon means, and what a typical class would involve. At our studio, we believe that the best way to approach yoga is to understand its meaning and purpose. This May, we invite you to find meaning in your practice by exploring the traditional teachings of yoga. Our focus as a studio teaches Hatha Yoga from the lens of the Tantra tradition. Emphasis is on energy management and developing a deeper relationship to Pran. The energy that sustains us and all of life.


Exploring the Traditional Teachings of Anchor, Rise, and Energise Practices

Yoga is not just about doing poses; it is about understanding the yoga worldview, which teaches that we are energy and information at one with all energy and information. At our studio we don’t offer loads of random yoga styles and flows. We offer a complete traditional practice that connects you with the elemental nature of who you are and your practice.

By increasing your capacity to cultivate and enhance these forces, you can increase your energetic footprint and become a stronger force for good in the world. Which we think is pretty important… don’t you?

Our overall strategy this month is to show you how to sensitise to the energetic “winds” of your Anchor, Rise, and Energise practices. Anchor practice focuses on the Moon (Mind) and grounding and balancing forces Apana and Samana Vayu. Rise practice focuses on the Sun (Energy) and internalising and energising forces of Pran and Vyana Vayu. Energise practice focuses on Fire (Illumination) and the uplifting and illuminating force of Udana Vayu. Each practice is designed to help you connect with your energy body. When you master your energy, you master your life.


Yoga as a Science for Mastering the Mind and Developing a Deeper Relationship with the Pranic Body

At this studio, we believe that yoga is a science that can help you master your mind and develop a deeper relationship with your pranic (energy) body. Our classes are traditional and are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of experience. We focus on creating a safe and supportive environment. Allowing you to explore your practice and connect with your inner self.


Join Us and Discover the Traditional Teachings

If you have never done yoga before, we invite you to come to our studio at Nene Court in Wellingborough (or online) and get the experience of the traditional teachings of yoga. Why? Because it’s time-tested, scientific, and sustainable. And, if you’re after becoming a more capable, solid, successful human being, (not just flexible) this is the stuff that works!

All our classes are designed to help you find meaning in your practice and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. We believe that yoga has the power to transform your life, and we are here to help you on your journey. Come and join us and discover the true power of yoga.


Join our studio today and experience the transformative power of yoga. Our classes are designed for everyone, regardless of your level of experience. Sign up now and explore the traditional teachings of yoga for energy management and a deeper understanding of yourself.

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